al Qaeda in Syria with Twin Bombs

For several months, GerardDirect has been telling our readers and radio audiences of the presence of al Qaeda inside Syria, joining forces (and preempting) the indigenous opposition (including the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, which initially broke ground by organizing the early groundswell of anti-Assad opposition). The double car bombs in the al Qaza district of Damascus had all the hallmarks of al Qaeda.

Until now, al Qaeda has operated in the shadows in Syria, largely ignored by the main stream media, which still calls the strife either a “democratic uprising” or a “civil war”. But yesterday’s twin explosions ripped into the headlines, announcing al Qaeda’s presence in Syria.

The explosions killed at least 55 people, injured more than 300, and demolished the command center of the Syrian military security service’s reconnaissance division. They left two huge craters in the middle of a main thoroughfare and a mass of twisted, tangled vehicles and broken bodies.

Is al Qaeda receiving US Aid in Syria?

Al Qaeda has been positioning itself within the Syrian opposition, and is supported by fighters from Libya, many of whom had originally come from Iraq, where they were fighting US soldiers. Hillary Clinton has admitted that there are many “bad actors” in Syria, including al Qaeda, implying that we are supporting the same side in the conflict and implying that our aid to the opposition may well be supporting al Qaeda, as well.

War is messy, and the situation in Syria today couldn’t be messier. As in each country whose government has fallen in the “Arab Spring”, the best intentions of the people struggling under Assad’s tyrannical rule may fall to the despotism of Islamist conquest under al Qaeda and the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood. The ultimate fall of Assad will no doubt be followed, as in Egypt and Libya (where the al Qaeda flag has been reported to be flying over the Beghazi courthouse,, by a transition from a former secular society to a strict Islamist nation ruled under Shari’ah law.

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