Palestinian Jihadist Group Takes Credit for Arizona Wildfire That Killed 19 Firefighters

The hidden terrorists who populate the dangerous Jihadi groups that exist throughout America and are called “homegrown” seem to believe that anything done “in the name of Allah” is permissible, particularly if it causes harm to kuffar (non-Muslims) and apostates (non-observant Muslims). The Palestinian jihadi group, Masada al Mujahideen, has claimed responsibility for the devastating Arizona wildfires, contradicting officials who blamed it on a lightning strike. They took credit for the fire, which they justified by saying it was done “with permission from Allah”.

It is true that jihadis have been responsible for many wildfires in Israel, and, most likely, in the US as well. Whether this group or any other caused the fire that has already destroyed over 100 buildings, consumed over 8,400 acres, and cost the lives of 19 crack firefighters is still in question. But whatever caused this and others of the wildfires now raging across eight states, there is a politically correct amnesia that keeps America locked in denial that there are people among us who want to do us harm and who rejoice in our misfortunes. It is reaching the level of mass insanity.

The cause of the Arizona wildfire will be determined eventually. Whether the claim by Masada al-Mujahideen is real or just hubris, it is most certainly a warning, and one that Americans need to take seriously. Setting wildfires in dangerously dry parts of the country is only one of the weapons that jihadis have used against us in the past and will no doubt use again.

In the Winter 2012 issue of Inspire Magazine, al Qaeda’s instrument for encouraging jihadi fervor among English-speaking Muslims, one of the articles was entitled – . in it, the author referred to “rules of conduct and moral codes that the Muslims have to stick to” and then wrote, “The burning of forests, farms, orchards and meadows in the land of the kuffar  enemies is a legitimate act.” he then went on to give detailed instructions on how to build an “ember bomb” in an American forest, and even recommended Montana as a good location because of the the rapid population growth in forested areas.  “In America,” he wrote, “there are more houses built in the [countryside] than in the cities. It is difficult to choose a better place [than] in the valleys of Montana.”  The same might be said for Arizona. Or Colorado. Or California. Or any other state in the Union.

Nothing will keep us safer from jihad than the awareness that it can and will happen here, as it did in Boston, and as it may have happened in Arizona. We are at risk from Islamic radicals whose individual and collective mission is to destroy us.

Nothing will put us more at risk than those who refuse to leave the security of their personal comfort zones to face the real and present dangers that exist today in the form of Islamic jihad against the West.

———   Ilana Freedman, Editor



Palestinian jihadist group claims credit for Arizona wildfire


By David BarnettJuly 3, 2013

A Palestinian jihadist group, Masada al Mujahideen, recently claimed credit for ongoing wildfires in Arizona in a statement posted to jihadist forums today. The statement, titled “Masada al-Mujahideen Fulfilled its Promise and Attacked America Again After the Expiration of the Period with Fires that Achieved Historic Results,” was obtained and translated by the SITE Intelligence Group.

“We had previously announced an unconventional war against the occupation state of Israel, and then we escalated this war to reach its main supporter, America, so that it receives a major share of it, which will destroy their flora and fauna, with permission from Allah and then with our hands,” the group said.

The statement further said that the group targeted the United States “in order to make it clear and to make it know we can reach it when we warn it, and to make it certain that our hands don’t just reach it but also strike it.”

The group warned that the attacks “will not be the last…if America does not respond to our demands.” The statement boasted that 19 firefighters had been killed in the fires.

Contrary to the claims of Masada al Mujahideen, authorities have said that they believe the fires were started as a result of lighting.

Today’s statement was not the first highly dubious claim by the jihadist group related to fires in the US. In January 2012, the group claimed credit for wildfires in Nevada.

According to SITE, in addition to claiming responsibility for fires in the US, the jihadist group has claimed credit for more than a dozen fires in Israel since 2010.

Masada al Mujahideen

Masada al Mujahideen announced its formation in April 2008 and said its leader is Abu Omar al Ansari, according to SITE. The terror group has claimed numerous attacks against Israel, including rocket and mortar attacks.

In May 2011, Masada al Mujahideen eulogized Osama bin Laden immediately after he was killed by US Navy SEALs in Abbottabad, Pakistan. “Although Sheikh Osama has been killed, his creed will not be killed, and the whole Ummah, Allah willing, is Osama bin Laden. We do not say that as hyperbole, for you see with your own eyes and acknowledge with your own mouths that most of the jihadi groups in the world have come to follow his example, method and creed,” the group said in a statement that was translated by SITE.

Masada al Mujahideen also eulogized Atiyah Abd al Rahman, a top al Qaeda leader who was killed in a US drone strike in North Waziristan, Pakistan, in August 2011. “He was truly one of the well-known people of jihad and a bright star in the sky of knowledge,” the group said in a statement translated by SITE. In addition, the group issued a eulogy for al Qaeda’s Abu Yahya al Libi in September 2012. Al Libi was killed in a US drone strike in Mir Ali in Pakistan’s Taliban-controlled tribal agency of North Waziristan on June 4, 2012.

Following the deaths in October 2012 of Abu al Walid al Maqdisi and Ashraf al Sabah, the two leaders of the Mujahideen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem, the group threatened to carry out attacks against Israel and Hamas.

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