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Updated: Why Nuclear Talks with Iran Will Fail: “US is on a Fool’s Errand”

The Obama administration’s plan to extend his “charm offensive” to last week’s talks with Iran in Kazakhstan, was doomed to fail, as we have been predicting for a very long time. From day one, the six nations at the  “negotiating”

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Iran Will Have a Nuclear-bomb by October 1

At its present rate of enrichment, Iran will have 250 kilograms of 20-percent grade uranium, exactly enough to build its first nuclear bomb, in roughly six weeks, and two-to- four bombs by early 2013, debkafile’s military and intelligence sources report.

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New: Iran Blames Israel for Massive Malware Attack

Iran on Thursday blamed Israel for the Flame malware attack that hit its computer systems two days ago. Iran’s MAHER Center, which refers to the virus as “Flamer,” said that the attack “has caused substantial damage” and that “massive amounts

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John Bolton: Iran Must Be Stopped

Recent advances in Iran’s nuclear weapons program show that events are moving extraordinarily swiftly, as Tehran nears the end of its decades-long quest to possess a lethal WMD capability. One thing is certain: If Iran succeeds, the Middle East –

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Iran Ups the Ante: Produces Nuclear Fuel Rod, and Tests New Advanced Missiles

Iran has again played a surprise card in its struggle against the West, announcing on Sunday that it had produced the first domestically-manufactured fuel rod for its research reactor in Teheran, and had also successfully tested a new missile during the

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Syria/Iran Get Prohibited NK Nuke-Tech

UPDATED 11.28.2011:    According to a new report in the German newspaper Die Welt (The World), North Korea has been supplying Syria and Iran with maraging steel, which is used to upgrade missiles and build centrifuges for uranium enrichment. The

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100s of North Koreans in Iran

The presence of hundreds of North Koreans working on Iran’s nuclear weapons program adds another dimension of danger in the growing drama surrounding Iranian ambitions in the Middle East and beyond. An article in Korea Times on Sunday, November 13

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War Games in the Middle East Amid Heightened Tensions and Threats

Earlier today, Israel announced the successful test launch from the Palmahim Air Force Base in the center of the country, as the rest of the world wonders if this is another sign that Israel is ready to attach Iran. Israel

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BREAKING NEWS: China Speeds Iran’s Nuke Capability

Following the death of Gaddafi, America’s attention has turned away from the continuing ‘Arab Spring’ and the European financial crisis in favor of local issues. The nuclear threat posed by an ambitious, aggressive Iran continues to grow alarmingly. Our disinterest

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