Iranian airliners bring tons of arms to Syria








Iran has been discovered using commercial air lines to transport weapons to Assad’s army in Syria. According to Fox News, Iran has created a secret air bridge from Tehran to Damascus, using Iran’s two largest commercial airliners, Iran Air and Mahan Air,  to transport weapons, ammunition, and soldiers. The shipments are intended to re-supply the forces of embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad as they continue their onslaught against the Syrian people.

By using commercial aircraft, Iran hoped to bypass international sanctions and airspace restrictions. Seven flights a week from Iran to Damascus bring much needed supplies for Assad’s forces, which are running out of the materiel they need to continue their war against the Syrian people. The massive cargo of weapons and ammunition are carried in the cargo hold while the soldiers travel with the unsuspecting, fare-paying passengers.

The shipments are extremely large, taking several hours to off-load. Passengers on-board have reported being forced to remain on the planes after arriving at Damascus Airport, while the weapons are unloaded.

In the last week, over 200 Syrians have been killed in the incessant shelling and gunfire from  Assad’s forces against the largely defenseless civilian population. The fierceness of the fighting has resulted in Assad’s forces running out of the guns and ammunition that they need to continue their rampant murder of civilians. Iran is filling that need.

Analysis In our view, the only reason Assad is still standing and continuing his assault on his own people is because of the massive military aid and support he is getting from Iran. As mentioned in earlier articles, Iran desperately needs Syria as an ally and client state in order to maintain its land-bridge to Hezbollah in Lebanon and its Mediterranean access at the Syrian port of Latakiya, where at least two of its military ships are already berthed.

Iran’s fight is almost as desperate as Syria’s, and the current intensity of the fighting in Syria, while the world sits by, raises concern among those who are following events closely. Russian, Turkish, Iranian, and US military ships are still gathering in the eastern Mediterranean, as well as in the Red Sea, and the growing unrest in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq, and Syria make the region a flash point that could ignite in response to even a relatively small spark. Israel is surrounded by enemy states which are unstable and under siege. The tiny nation is on highest alert as Iran moves inexorably towards the creation of its own nuclear arsenal, and the Arab Spring evolves into chaos.

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One comment on “Iranian airliners bring tons of arms to Syria
  1. Michelle says:

    PG, there’s a blurred pcrutie of what would be the cause behind a civil war that would start with an indictment of Hizbullah members. Stories about Hizbullah taking over Parliament is Israeli propaganda. The scenario expected by the two sides in the conflict is that when the indictment comes down accusing Hizbullah members (that are Shia Muslims) of having assassinated the Sunni Muslim clan head, Rafik Hariri, on the force of that indictment alone and without waiting for any trial, the Sunni Muslims will start killing Shia Muslims in revenge and the Shia Muslims will have to defend themselves and retaliate by killing Sunni Muslims and this would be the start of the civil war. Chances of taking over of the country by Hizbullah in the course of that conflict would not happen eventhough it has been in a position to do so for the last 10 years but totally not interested in doing it for obvious reasons. Therefore if trouble does start, it will most probably be by the Sunni out for revenge.Hizbullah is attempting to prevent the indictment from coming down by making threats that anyone that would try to arrest the accused of Hizbullah will be stopped in his tracks, especially that the circumstantial evidence to indict its members is mostly all based on cell phone records of calls that everyone knows may have been tampered with or fabricated by the Israeli spies, a fact that the tribunal is refusing to consider.Of course, Hizbullah is being overly edgy about the whole thing since it’s only an indictment which still has to be followed through by a lengthy trial that may take 4 or 5 years and those accused may be proven innocent but Hizbullah is claiming that the simple indictment of people associated with it is bound to affect the faith of the people in it and it is not going to let that happen. The opposition pro-US group is anxiously awaiting the indictment because it’s felt that it will bring in the full weight of the Security Council behind it and the end of the armed and political wings of Hizbullah. Both sides are claiming to be in the right and both are taking the country to a very nasty place, especially that there are 20,000 UN peacekeepers stationed there now that would end up in the middle of the mess. Nothing can stop the tribunal since it only answers to the UNSC and its obvious that it has been overly politicized by all parties.

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