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Israel Air Force Stands Ready to Face Attack from Syria and Hezbollah

Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to witness the preparedness of Israel’s armed forces, particularly the readiness of its fighter pilots, cannot help but be impressed by the intense determination of the young airmen who have only seconds to

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Iraqi Politician Mithal al-Alusi Warns West Not to Be Naive About Iran’s Rowhani

Several years ago, I had the honor of meeting Mithal al-Alusi, a courageous Iraqi patriot who has a different vision for his country than most of his contemporaries. He had just finished testifying before a Congressional committee in Washington, and

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As UN Ambassador, Samantha Power Represents Real Danger to US and Middle East

Samantha Power, President Barack Obama’s choice to fill the position of 28th US Ambassador to the United Nations, has built her reputation as a staunch and vocal advocate for “humanitarian intervention”, particularly where genocide is the likely result of non-intervention.

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War in Syria Spreads to Beirut as Rocket Slams into Hezbollah Stronghold

The Syrian conflict has suddenly taken a new and potentially deadly turn as a rocket attack against Hezbollah expanded the war deep into Lebanon. The attack, which injured four people, occurred on Sunday when two rockets came crashing into a

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Palestinians Use Press as Human Shields While Firebombing Israeli Soldiers (with video)

Video Surfaces of Palestinian Arabs Attacking IDF from Behind Journalists A video has surfaced, posted to the website The Commentator, that purports to show several Palestinian Arabs hiding behind members of the press while hurling rocks and firebombs at the

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American F-22s Parked Less Than Six-Minute Flight from Iran

Five US Air Force F-22 Raptors on the ramp at Al Dhafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates. (Google Earth) At a dinner in downtown Washington Thursday, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel touted the Pentagon¹s deployment of advanced weaponry,

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Khalili Warns of Planned Mumbai-style Attack in US by Super Terrorist Group

The following article provides a cautionary alert to Americans that our world has changed. It is far more dangerous than it ever has been before and we must, individually and collectively, live our lives with a heightened sense of awareness

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Israel Tells Syria, Hezbollah, Iran, and US: We Are Prepared to Act Unilaterally

Friday, May 10, 2013 JERUSALEM — Israel’s recent airstrikes on Syria not only stopped the delivery of arms to its sworn enemy Hezbollah in Lebanon but also gave notice to the Obama administration and Iran that the Jewish state has

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State Dept Officials Testify That There Was Cover-Up by Obama Administration

The minute by minute first hand account of the Benghazi attacks from Gregory Hicks, the former deputy chief of mission in Libya was gripping. It also made clear that the narrative that was delivered to the American people by the

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Syria: Update on the Very Uncivil War as Conflict Threatens to Expand Across Borders

In light of the current encouraging events in Washington, the hearings on Benghazi, on the Boston Marathon Bombing, and the Extortion 17 press conference at the National Press Club yesterday, Syria has recently taken a back seat in the news.

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