Israel Declares New Policy on Border Attacks

The recent renewal of rocket attacks across Israel’s borders have been met with an aggressive new policy which will now meet fire with fire. The latest attack came from across Israel’s border with Sinai, which is a part of Egypt. Israel has, in the recent past, avoided striking attacks from Sinai, as this could be considered an attack against Egypt. As a result, Hamas and other terrorist groups have begun using the Sinai as a staging ground for manufacturing and storing their rockets there, and now have begun deploying them against Israel as well. IDF Military Intelligence chief Maj.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi just announced that over the last two months alone, military intelligence has exposed ten separate terrorist cells operating in Sinai. According to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “Sinai is turning into a rocket launching pad for terrorists”.

Israel has been caught between a rock and a hard place. The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back was yesterday’s rocket attack against Israel’s most southern city of Eilat. Israel now has a new policy. It is based on the premise that “enough is enough”.
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Ynet – IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz on Thursday declared a change in army police whereby any firing at Israel’s south will be met with an attack on Hamas, regardless of the group behind the fire. Similarly, any firing from Lebanon will result in an attack on Hezbollah, and any terror attack by Iran’s emissaries overseas will prompt a response against Tehran.

Speaking at a conference in the Gelilot base, Gantz discussed the many threats Israel faces. “The IDF is Israel’s sharpened sword and protector,” he noted. He also addressed the firing of rockets at Eilat on Wednesday night.

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One comment on “Israel Declares New Policy on Border Attacks
  1. Daniel in Brookline says:

    …meaning that, effective immediately, Hamas has a vested interest to prevent attacks against Israel, as does Hizb’allah.

    (Of course, one could imagine a situation in which Hamas and Hizb’allah are at odds with one another. It is then in the interests of each to stage attacks from the staging grounds of the other, getting Israel to do their dirty work for them.)

    For years I’ve been advocating a different approach. Israel voluntarily and unilaterally gave up the Gaza Strip; she could unilaterally take it back. I think that, for every rocket attack against Israel that comes from the Gaza Strip, one square kilometer of the Strip should be annexed to Israel. The Strip is 160 square kilometers in size; the rubber would meet the road rather quickly.

    But Lt. Gen. Gantz’s policy does have the advantage of elegant simplicity. We’ll see if it works… and if it’s followed.

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