Amr Moussa: Egypt-Israel Peace Accords are “Dead and Buried”

The 1979 Camp David accords are “dead and buried,” according to Amr Moussa, the Egyptian presidential frontrunner. The Peace treaty is history, he said, adding that Cairo will respect only the 2002 Arab League proposal, and only if Israel does as well. Both Egypt and Israel were signatories of the 1979 Peace Accord between the two countries.

I lived in Israel during the heady days when Egyptian President Anwar Sadat came to Jerusalem, and the Israeli and Egyptian flags were flying side by side from every street light in the city. There was an air of euphoria that a new chapter of peace with Egypt was about to begin. Israelis were in holiday mode, and welcomed the agreement wholeheartedly. The intervening years saw relative peace and some commercial and political cooperation, if not friendship.

Today, however, Amr Moussa made it abundantly clear that the treaty is dead, and that only the Arab League proposal, which Israel has never accepted, will be acceptable. Such a one-sided declaration will satisfy the Islamist radicals who are about to take over the Egyptian government, but it will do nothing to create stability in the region. – Editor


Leading Egyptian presidential candidate Amr Moussa said that the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel is dead.

“The Camp David Accords are a historical document whose place is on the memory shelf,” Moussa said at a rally Sunday in the Upper Egyptian city of Sohag. ”This agreement is dead and buried.”

“There is an agreement between Israel and Egypt that we will respect as long as Israel respects it,” Moussa said — referring to the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative, which he called “the foundational document governing Arab-Israeli relations.”

That Saudi-sponsored plan, which has underone various formulations, proposed Arab peace and recognition of Israel in exchange for Israeli withdrawal to 1967 lines, an agreed solution to the Palestinian refugee issue, and acceptance of the formation of an independent Palestinian state.

According to a poll conducted by the Al-Ahram Center for Political Studies on Monday, Moussa would receive 41.1% of the popular vote in the presidential elections in late May, with his closest rival among the 13-candidate field being former Muslim Brotherhood member and independent candidate Dr. Abdel-Moneim Abolfotoh, who scored 27.3%.

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One comment on “Amr Moussa: Egypt-Israel Peace Accords are “Dead and Buried”
  1. Leon Kushner says:

    You gotta love that Arab Spring! While all of the idiots in the West were so quick to kick out Mubarak and jump on board the new democracy building up in Egypt, the Moslem Brotherhood were laughing all the way to the gun rack. While Hilary Clinton and others were busy declaring how moderate the Brotherhood was, and while Obama was bending over backwards, trying to appease them the only country in the world who was not doing cartwheels of joy was Israel. Why? Because Israelis know very well who are the Brotherhood and knew that moment that peace with Egypt was over. And gues what? IT IS OVER.

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