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Commentary: Muslim Brotherhood and the 1st Amendment

As a writer, I fully understand that my words have the power to both inform and insult at the same time. It is not my intention to be insulting to anyone or any group, but I have come to a

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Will Morsi Show His True Colors and Call for a Muslim State Under Shariah Law?

The victory of Mohammed Morsi in Eypt’s presidential elections will come with a very steep price. A member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, he has changed his public positions over the last few months to embrace as many of the

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Is the Egypt-Israel Peace Accord Now in Jeopardy?

Now that the Presidency in Egypt has been decided in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mohammed Morsi, what is the future of the Peace Accord between Egypt and Israel? Much rhetoric has crossed the airways, from promises of a

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Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s Muhammed Morsi Wins Presidential Election

After a long preamble, in which the Election Council explained the process of vetting the votes throughout Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, the candidate of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, was named the winner in the election for President of the new Egyptian

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Iran blames US, UK, Israel for ‘Massive Cyberattack’

Iran’s intelligence minister has accused the U.S., the U.K. and Israel of planning a “massive cyberattack” against his country after talks this week over Iran’s nuclear program failed to reach an agreement, Iranian state TV reported on Thursday. Intelligence Minister

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Zetas Accused of Fixing New Mexico Horse Races

The head of the agency that regulates horse racing in New Mexico on Wednesday said he was deeply concerned about allegations that the notorious Los Zetas drug cartel had fixed the 2010 running of the state’s most prestigious race. “It’s

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Afghan cop: Marine killings were ‘God’s will’

An Afghan police officer accused of killing two Marines and wounding four others during an attack last year in Helmand province told investigators he was motivated by “God’s will,” according to a report outlining the incident. Second Lt. Mohammad Daoud

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CIA Giving Intel to Rebel Terrorists in Syria

American spy satellites have been listening in on communications from Syrian government forces and passing the intelligence to rebels through spies on the ground, according to various British media reports. The reports suggest that the American intelligence agencies has been

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Syrian Rebels Massacred the Innocents in Houla

“The flat, once peaceful town of Houla is an unforgiving place in which to try and investigate what could well be a major war crime and is certainly a significant massacre of civilians. . . . from around 3pm, groups

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Guantanamo Hearings Set for Ramadan, 9/11 Anniversary

MIAMI — A military judge overseeing the Sept. 11 conspiracy trial at Guantanamo has set the next hearing in the case for five days during Ramadan, and says the month when Muslim fast during the day is no excuse for

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