Source: Iran Preparing to Down American Passenger Planes

A source who served in Iranian intelligence says the Iranian regime is preparing to down Western airliners in case of an attack on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, has been preparing for war for some time as the Islamic regime closes in on developing nuclear weapons, says a source who served in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence and has recently defected to a country in Europe.

The source said the regime has taken several measures should war erupt:

Thirty-two command and control centers have been formed around the country so that the Guards and the Basij can act independently in battle. In case of a breakdown of communication with the central government, their orders are to suppress any uprising from within and confront any potential enemy.

All political prisoners and all activists within the country are to be slaughtered, as are those Iranian opponents outside the country, to ensure no viable opposition will remain to guide an uprising to overthrow of the regime.

Thousands of cells have been established in collaboration with Hezbollah to conduct terrorist acts against Israel, America and the West. One specific preparation, as discussed by the Guard commanders, is to target America’s civilian airliners in order to cause terror in the West.

Elaborating on the regime’s strategy, Morteza Mirban, the deputy commander of the Guards’ ground forces, recently told Basij News that the Basij forces have the capability to hurt aggressors even in their own countries.

Mirban boasted that soon the Guards will have armaments that the enemy could have never imagined.

Referring to possible terrorist attacks on U.S. vessels in the gulf, Mirban said, “Today over 3,000 boats are in the Persian Gulf and involved in commerce, constantly passing by America’s naval ships. The question is, how can America engage us in war not knowing how it will get hit next? If they (America) dare to take up arms, they will see how they will regret their act.”

Mirban said that “all of the enemy’s bases are within reach of our missiles, and with our allies such as Hezbollah, we are capable of hitting them thousands of kilometers away. The enemy is interested in life, but because of our ideology, no matter if we kill for Allah or be killed on Allah’s path, we are victorious.”

The source said that Iran is close to obtaining a nuclear bomb, which regime leaders believe will make them invincible. The source and others disenchanted with the regime also wonder why the West is vacillating and allowing Iran to pursue its destructive goals.

The Revolutionary Guards announced Sunday that they will conduct three days of war games starting Monday.

“Long-, medium- and short-range surface-to-surface missiles will be fired from different locations in Iran … at replica air bases like those used by (U.S.) military forces,” said Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, the head of the Guards aerospace division in charge of missile systems . . . .

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2 comments on “Source: Iran Preparing to Down American Passenger Planes
  1. Once again the Middle East is rattling sabres, the Iranian threat maybe is just psychological to deter any would be incursions against Iran, but giving that in mind, the Western Powers are cowards, led by the US are just as cowardly when Adolf Hitler before WW2 was building up his war machine and that ended in a global conflict.
    Now is the time to hit Iran before it drags the world into WW3.

    Only Israel and the USA have the firepower and the means to remove the threat, if not then we will see terrorism on such a scale all over the globe that it will bring down economies and countries to their knees.

    If we look at the situation from an objective point of view! sitting back and waiting for the sanctions to work is a waste of time. Germany after WW1 had an embargo placed against it and that led to WW2.

    The Iranian regime is trying to set it’s mark as the leader of the Islamic world and has designs to enslave the western democracies.

    Act now before it is too late!

    Daniel Sharon, Israel

  2. Onofrei says:

    No Lisa, the initial “passport” photo that Comrade Amy objected was taken down, as a courtesy, but her objection stemmed from this post, as the commentary thread explains.There another post where there is a composite of photos, which emanated from the LA Times and the photo adorns the top of that post.As for “Dr” Beam or whoever the Hell she is, it was in the comments section here where she raised this issue.You people are wackos, asserting you spoke to the “real” Neda via Facebook, that people are purposely trying to endanger a person whom is NOT dead, as if the Iranian government needed anyone in the West for that.You might want to read a book and not one written by a fellow Ahmedinejad supporter to realize what has been transpiring in Iran for the last 30 years and what their foreign policy has cost this great country in lives, treasure, etc.But of course, as an Obamunuist your goal is to keep the status quo in check so the coward that misgoverns the Republic can go hold hands with Ahmedinejad and Khamenei….

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