Commentary: Thoughts about America – 7/4 in Costa Rica

Marcia and I sat this evening in the garden of an Indian Restaurant in the Escazu section of San Jose eating Tandoori chicken and listening to the sound of fireworks coming from the American Ambassador’s residence two blocks away. But not all the 4th of July fireworks were in the Ambassador’s garden. They were all over the capital city of Costa Rica, because Costa Ricans are very much pro-American.

As we ate I could not help thinking of my own first July 4th in the United States. I was not yet a citizen, but I was visiting from just over the river where I lived at the time in Canada. It was not easy for me to become a citizen back then. I was British, but I had always wanted to be an American. There was a very stringent test for immigrants back then. You had to really want to be an American and be prepared to learn what it meant to be an American. And then you were expected to stand up for the principals that made America great.

You didn’t just walk in and start demanding that Americans pay your bills, educate your children and pay for you to go into hospitals for free medical care, and be treated like royalty.

There was a quota system when I applied to come to the United States and it took a few years for me to get to front of the line. I remember that I was grilled by the Immigration Officers and made to prove that I understood and agreed with the form of government that the United States enjoyed.
Today it seems that it is a Federal Crime to be what was then considered a loyal citizen

Today it seems that it is a Federal Crime to be what was then considered a loyal citizen. How on earth did all that come about?

The first settlers in the “New World” came to escape persecution in Europe, mostly England. They founded a Nation based on Liberty and Equality, where they did not have to fear the King. They were united in their determination to live free of big government and overbearing dishonest rulers. They chose honest citizens to represent them in making laws that were fair and just. And most of them were happy to abide by those laws for the good of all. But one of the most important foundations of that Nation was a belief in Almighty God and in His laws as presented in the Bible.

Now, more than two centuries have passed and I wonder what the founding fathers would have thought of their United States today. No, honestly I do not wonder. I know what they would have thought of that strutting Kenyan peacock who has usurped the authority of “We the People.” I know what they would have thought of a Supreme Court that flaunts the Constitution and rules in favor of the enemies of righteousness and against God. I know what they would have thought of the self serving politicians who will do anything to get votes in order to keep their positions for life. I know what they would have thought of the Police who break down doors of innocent people in the middle of the night and the Prosecutors who ignore truth and justice to make a name for themselves that will eventually get them into high political positions.

What would the Founding fathers have done if they could have looked into the future and seen the sick and self hating society that they fathered all those years ago? Would they have torn up the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution because it was doomed to eventual failure?

No, they would not have done anything different because what they did was right. What they did was good. What they did was born of God. But it was up to future generations of Americans to be watchful and resolve to keep the liberty that was given them all those years ago. Alas, they grew fat and lazy with the boom that followed the Second World War and they resolved to let someone else take the responsibility.
Corrupt politicians have spent all the wealth and they have opened the door to the enemies of the United States

And now I fear it is too late. Corrupt politicians have spent all the wealth and they have opened the door to the enemies of the United States. They have stripped away every liberty Americans have fought for over the years and they even allowed a Socialist Muslim to pollute the White House and turn it into the headquarters of the army of occupation of our great nation.

Every year about two million new legal immigrants come into the United States and that’s not counting three or four million illegal immigrants coming through the door to the south left open by the Obama Administration. Who on earth is going to pay all the expenses for these people? And remember, please, that most of these are not the same people who founded this nation. They are not the refugees from England who wanted liberty. Many of them are coming here as fifth columns who are bound and determined to destroy every last vestige of liberty that is left.

I still believe in the United States. I am still a Patriot but I am afraid there is nothing I can do to stem the tide of anarchy and rebellion against God by staying in the United States. I am now more than 70 years old and there is very little more I can do. And that is why I sat this evening with Marcia in an Indian Restaurant two blocks from the American Ambassador’s residence and listened to the sound of the fireworks.

I weep for the United States and for all of you who cannot get away to a new Land of Liberty.

God bless you and keep you.

David Rushton was born in London where his parents were staunch conservatives. He immigrated to the United States in the sixties and formed a patriotic organization advocating conservative principals which include rallies and marches. He had his own radio talk show for many years and was also a guest on many radio and Television talk shows.

In the last few years David wrote several books about the dangers of radical Islam and spoke on this subject in some of the largest Conservative Churches in the United States.

He now resides with his wife Marcia in Costa Rica. David can be reached at

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One comment on “Commentary: Thoughts about America – 7/4 in Costa Rica
  1. Gretchen Arrington says:

    It makes me very glad to read this. These are Jim’s and my thoughts, too.

    You sound like our fav. Rush Limbaugh, and his sometimes- substitute, Mark Stein.

    How wonderful that you found Turrialba, another favorite of mine.

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