Eroding Choices: US Loses Its Voice in the Middle East

America’s official response to yesterday’s two bombings in Damascus and Bulgaria are another indication of how far the US has fallen in its role as a leader for peace in world affairs. Strong words without the will to take action do little to position America in a meaningful role that might help to defuse our inexorable march into another Middle East war. As the so-called “Arab Spring” continues, America’s ability to influence the parties in the spreading conflicts, in an effort to limit the potential for war, continue to erode.

One of the persistent questions that continues to arise from this sorry situation is whether America should have been interfering in the uprisings in the first place. In fact, it is possible that had we not interfered and encouraged – directly and indirectly – the revolutions that have overtaken the Middle East, the situation might not be nearly as dire as it is today, and the threats facing America today – at home and abroad – might not be so imminent.

Be that as it may, we did interfere – most obviously in Egypt, Yemen, and Libya – which have now been taken over by the Islamists, who are now dismantling the secular states and instituting Shariah law wherever possible. We also interfered in Syria, and encouraged the insurrection. The Syrian government is also likely to fall, despite Iran’s aggressive support for the Assad regime.
Despite these developments, the US continues to meddle in the Middle East, actively supporting the new Islamist regimes, offering huge sums of money to prop up their governments. Meanwhile, the administration has been putting enormous pressure on Israel not to attack Iran. Most recently, Presdient Obama sent a team of high level diplomats headed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and followed by Secreatary of Defense Leon Panetta, to Jerusalem to insist that Israel not “bomb Iran” and not to interfere with the transfer of chemical weapons to “opposition” forces in Syria.

The term “opposition” in Syria, by the way, has become synonymous with “freedom fighters” in the main stream media, but the truth is that the local opposition has been heavily infiltrated and largely taken over by both the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda fighters. In short, there is no unified “opposition” and the main stream press is misleading the public by suggesting that it exists.
In the domino effect of the so-called “Arab Spring”, Jordan may well be next in line to suffer the blows of “democratic revolution”. The royal family in Amman is Beduin, and the people are largely Arabs, many of whom call themselves “Palestinians”. Jordan’s government stands on shaky ground. The people are restive and the empowerment achieved through the success of the “Arab Spring” revolutions in other countries has not gone unnoticed by Jordan’s Arab population. As the dominoes continue to teeter, Saudi Arabia may not be far behind.

America’s influence in the Middle East, now that many of the Islamist goals have been achieved, is eroding. A combination of a US administration which presents itself as weak, and the empowerment of the people through revolution that topples kings and presidents, will lead to a continued shift to new forms of tyranny through Shariah law imposed by government which see the West as the enemy.
Our policies of weakness in the face of threats from Islamist nations like Iran will not help to stabilize a shaky Middle East. And when the oil rich region truly turns against us, we will have lost any advantage we once had as a leader of nations. In our dealings with the nations of the Middle East, we have systematically overlooked corruption, flagrant human rights violations, support of terrorist activities, trafficking in arms and drugs, and alliances with our enemies. We have betrayed our ally, Israel, and given opportunity to our enemy, Iran.

Our flawed foreign policy will not be able to unravel the massive destruction and loss of life in Syria. Nor will it be able to undo
Iran’s progress in its nuclear weapons program. The world is a far more dangerous place, not in the least because American policy has abdicated its leadership role in the world at large and in the increasingly dangerous Middle East in particular.

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