Iranian Ambassador Threatens to Close Strait if US Chooses ‘War’

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Editor’s Commentary: Iran’s rationale, as it moves inexorably toward nuclear capability, may not be quite as transparent as it seems. While Ahmadinejad continues to rave against Israel, the perennial enemy, and the West assumes that Teheran’s nuclear sights are focused on cleansing the region of the Jewish state, a more subtle goal may be the leverage that a nuclear power will have in the global community – specifically, Iran may have its eye on a permanent seat on the Security Council, a firm position at the table of world power. This is not to say that the destruction of Israel is not on Teheran’s to do list, but there is also a larger goal involving a much larger playing field.

In this increasingly dangerous situation, Washington’s foreign policy of appeasement regarding Iran’s nuclear development has left very few options for dealing with Teheran, which is arguably the greatest threat facing the US today. Iran’s fingers are in many pies throughout the Middle East, Africa, South America, Europe, and even within the US. They are supporting Assad in Syria, hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, and terrorist industries throughout the world. Our perceived weakness in the Middle East can only marginalize American influence further, no matter how much money we throw at the changing landscape in an effort to make friends.

As the following article explains, Iran is stirring the pot further by once again using the Strait of Hormuz, oil pipeline to much of the world, as a bargaining chip to hold the world hostage. This is a power play, the kind at which Iran is very, very good. There will be a reaction, perhaps,  a show of strength by the US Navy, a brief stand-off, and then a return to what is considered to be normal. But when Iran is ready to make its big play of political terrorism, all hell is likely to break loose. The question is whether it will be a rain of missiles on Israel or a reign of new power in the United Nations.

———–  Ilana Freedman, Editor

Iranian Ambassador Threatens to Close Strait if US Chooses ‘War’

The United States has nothing left to pressure Tehran over its nuclear program except for war, and if it chooses conflict Iran could close a key energy choke-point, its envoy to Baghdad told AFP on Thursday.

Ambassador Hassan Danaie-Far insisted in an interview that Tehran retained the right to close the Strait of Hormuz, through which a third of the world’s traded oil passes, in response to any aggression, military or otherwise.

“What else (US President Barack) Mr. Obama can do?” Danaie-Far said through an Iranian embassy translator.

“The only remaining card on the table is war. Is it to their benefit? Is it to the benefit of the world? Is it to the benefit of the region?”

The diplomat said that if it faced a “problem,” Tehran would be within its rights “to react and to defend itself.”

Asked if it could try to close off the strait, Danaie-Far replied: “If there is some movement and action from our enemies, including US, against us, as a part of natural reaction, that may happen.”

“Everybody would be a loser in that case,” he added.

On whether only military or other types of pressure could spur Iran to make such a move, he said: “It can include all of them.”

Iran frequently conducts missile tests and maneuvers to underline its military muscle, and has repeatedly threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz to oil tanker traffic should it be attacked.

Washington has warned Tehran that any attempt to close the strait would be viewed as a “red line” — grounds for US military action.

Iran regularly denounces the regional presence of foreign forces, including American, particularly those stationed in the Gulf. It says the security of the region must be ensured “by regional countries.”

Arab monarchies across the Gulf from Iran are worried by what they see as the territorial ambitions by the Islamic republic, which frequently stresses Persia’s historic dominance over the waterway.

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One comment on “Iranian Ambassador Threatens to Close Strait if US Chooses ‘War’
  1. Paul Hosse says:

    There’s no question that the US has an unoffical foreign policy of appeasement. In the Middle East, only strenght is repected. America today is precieved as being weak. The recent government reaction in Algeria, while bloody, was highly effective. It’s been effective in Russia, China, and especially Israel. If the terrorists or those sponsering terrorism, feel they will lose more than they will gain, they’ll go look for weaker targets; much like a school year bully. Bullies can only be appeased for so long.

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