AQAP’s Latest Issue of Terrorist “Inspire” Magazine Prepares English-Speaking Jihadis for War with the West


al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has come out with a new “Inspire” magazine. Designed for the English speaking, would-be jihadi, the magazine was inspired and produced by American terrorists Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan, until they were killed in a 2011 US drone strike in Yemen.

The magazine lives on, however, and although the style and layout are somewhat different from the original, the message is the same, if not even more virulent and vulgar. The cover of the newest edition sports a photograph of  al Qaeda supporters tearing down the American flag at the US Embassy in Tunisia, on the anniversary of 9/11 in 2012,  and replacing it with a black al Qaeda flag.

Inside the e-magazine are articles that promote terrorism and lionize terrorists. Articles include: “Obama, We Are All Usama”; an interview with American jihadi Adam Ghadan; The Jihadi Experiences (The Strategy of Deterring with Terrorism); a message from the “Blind Sheikh” Abdul Rahman from his prison cell; and the recurring section called, “Open Source Jihad” which, in this issue, gives instructions on how to cause  deadly road accidents, and how to torch parked cars. Altogether a very instructive issue. It even includes a hit-list of targets for revenge, which includes Geert Wilders, Ayan Hirsi Ali, and Salmon Rushdie, among other illustrious names. Their photos appeared under the heading “Wanted: Dead or Alive for Crimes Against Islam”.

The prevailing message of hate and revenge runs rampant throughout the publication, which is aimed at converting disenfranchised, English-speaking Muslims to the path of violent jihad. The magazine puts a lot of juice into its message and no doubt is influential within its market, empowering the would-be jihadi with a bandwagon approach that lets him know they have plenty of company if not real support.

GerardDirect has pointed out on many occasions the scorn which our weak, appeasing foreign policy has generated in the Muslim countries of the world. Instead of inspiring faith and respect, which in the Middle East come from power, our attempts at apology and our apparent need for endless conversation in place of firm action have made us impotent and ineffective in the eyes of the Muslim world. Nothing could illustrate this better that the photograph of President Barack Obama on page 29 which is included in a tribute to Malcolm X with the caption underneath it that read “House Negro”.  And on the front cover, beneath the cover photograph are the words, “Obama, We Are All Usama”, followed by, “America you have passed on the message of Sheikh Usama that you are truly the enemy of Islam.”

The latest “Inspire” magazine is a document spewing hate for everything non-Muslim and calling for death and violence from its young readers. It glorifies violent jihad and instructs its readers how to set out on their trips to paradise.

The implicit threat that lies within its pages is not one “over there” in some far off country. The English-speaking jihadis whom it hopes to reach are in Detroit and Chicago, in Brooklyn and Boston, in Arizona and North Carolina. They are also in London and Perth and Johannesburg. Here in the US we have opened our borders to those who do not share our values and do not wish to enjoy the freedoms of America. Rather, they hope to overturn our society and replace it with shariah law.

The message of “Inspire” magazine is very clear. You can read it for yourself here. And, even though it may take you far beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone, give some thought to what it would mean if we began to see here in Hometown USA the kind of terrorist attacks that Israel has been experiencing for the last 65 years.



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