$450 Million for Egypt? America is Betting on the Wrong Horse

attack on Police officers' club

As the situation in Egypt continues to deteriorate, the US continues to support the Muslim Brotherhood-backed government, even as  the Brotherhood continues to drive the country in a downward spiral.  The foolishness of our foreign policy is seemingly endless.  That despite our own ongoing economic woes, the US has just given Egypt  $190 million, the first installment of a total aid package of $450 million, is incomprehensible.

The willful blindness of our government, stirring the pot of Middle East tensions and sowing chaos in our wake, is reprehensible. While our policy makers sit comfortably in Washington, people are dying all over the Middle East as a direct or indirect consequence of our incessant meddling in situations we do not understand. 

—————  Ilana Freedman, Editor



The Muslim Brotherhood continues the process of destroying Egypt with one ideologically driven catastrophic error in judgment after another. This weekend’s involves yet more violence in Port Said. Riots there have been going on for months now and the latest episode is detailed below by James Dorsey.  As has been the case, the riots are not about football, but the Egyptian regime’s character and policies.

Mohamed Morsi et al. have mishandled the protest over soccer riot convictions so badly that now the police are on strike in more than a third of Egyptian provinces, including not only Port Said, where they’ve abandoned their posts, but also parts of Cairo.  More than 50 people have died in Port Said in the past month.

According to the Guardian UK,  “Police have also refused to protect President Mohamed Morsi‘s home in the Nile delta province of Sharqiya. Among several seemingly contradictory grievances, police demand better weapons. But conversely, they also claim the Morsi regime is using them as unwilling pawns in the suppression of protesters who demand the regime’s downfall.”

The Guardian also reports that the government is trying to “Ikhwanise” the police according to junior police officers who don’t approve of that.

That the Morsi government has bungled things in the Port Said protests is further attested to by rumors that the protesters, who hate the military more than anything because of repression during the Mubarak years, are starting to think maybe the military would be better than the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to the New York Times, the Port Said protesters are saying “Military rule was bad, but they would be better. Where is the state? Where is the Interior Ministry, the government? Where are the decisions to protect the interests of the people? The military should take over until the police are ready.”

Despite this and other distressing news out of Egypt, the U.S. is charging forward with what looks to the Egyptian opposition and observers from all over as a wholesale sellout to the Muslim Brotherhood.  John Kerry’s recent visit’s gift of $250 million in U.S. assistance, would surely help the Morsi government.

If that we’re enough, Kerry engaged in talks abut the Qualifying Industrial Zones accord, including negotiations regarding reducing the required proportion of Israeli components in Egyptian textiles granted tariff-free access to the United States.  This, according to Al-Akhbar, seems critical of the extent to which Morsi acquiesced to U.S. demands.

Geopolitical analyst F. William Engdhi sums it up: “The U.S. Bet their money on the wrong horse by backing the undemocratic Muslim Brotherhood: “The US is wrong to cooperate with the current Egyptian authorities as the Muslim Brotherhood has a “dictatorial authoritarian” agenda, with no intention to make democratic changes in Egypt.”

As Engdhi sees it: “Some people around president Obama have the delusion that they could control what’s basically a political Islamo-fascist movement. It’s not a movement for democracy by any stretch of the imagination. And that’s what this Brotherhood is – it’s a secret society. They have a public agenda that sounds lovely, and they have a private agenda that we’re seeing unfold in Egypt now.”

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