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Al-Qaeda Leader Freed in Morsi Jailbreak Seeks to Declare Sinai an Islamic Emirate

Egyptian security and armed forces arrested nine alleged terrorists in the Sinai desert operating under the command of al-Qaeda leader Ramzy Mowafy, Egypt’s Al-Ahram reported. Mowafy was among 234 prisoners, including former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, who escaped from the Wadi al-Natrun

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Janes: Saudi Arabia Is ‘Targeting Iran and Israel with Ballistic Missiles’

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Increasingly Savage Violence in Egypt, MB Calls for ‘Intafada’ Against the Government

As the situation continues to deteriorate in Syria, with nearly 100,000 dead, a second civil war is rapidly developing in the Middle East, another casualty of the so-called “Arab Spring”. The growing chaos in Egypt’s cities is rapidly leading Egypt’s

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Egyptian Military Issues Arrest Orders for Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood Members

Egypt’s new military rulers have issued arrest warrants for up to 300 members of the Muslim Brotherhood hours after ousting the elected president, Mohamed Morsi, and taking him and his aides into military custody. The morning after a momentous night

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Israel Air Force Stands Ready to Face Attack from Syria and Hezbollah

Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to witness the preparedness of Israel’s armed forces, particularly the readiness of its fighter pilots, cannot help but be impressed by the intense determination of the young airmen who have only seconds to

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Military: No Presidential Authorization Needed to Put Down “Civil Disturbances”

A recent Department of Defense instruction alters the US code applying to the military’s involvement in domestic law enforcement by allowing US troops to quell “civil disturbances” domestically without any Presidential authorization, greasing the skids for a de facto military

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