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As UN Ambassador, Samantha Power Represents Real Danger to US and Middle East

Samantha Power, President Barack Obama’s choice to fill the position of 28th US Ambassador to the United Nations, has built her reputation as a staunch and vocal advocate for “humanitarian intervention”, particularly where genocide is the likely result of non-intervention.

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Flu Epidemic Kills, Sickens, and Leaves Vaccine Shortages

This year’s flu season started early, and the strain of flu that is spreading around the country is a particularly nasty one. Last week it was officially declared an epidemic in most of the country. Happily, the folks at the

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Arabs Fear Rise of Israeli Right as Elections Loom

Israel is never far from the center of controversy in the Middle East, whether it is justified or not. Many times, during the developing, so-called “Arab Spring” (with which Israel had no  connection at all), Israeli flags were burned and

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France on Terror Alert after Mali, Somali Operations

French President Francois Hollande placed the country on high domestic terror alert Saturday, Jan. 12. lest al Qaeda retaliate for French operations against two of its Africa wings: a failed mission to rescue a French hostage from the Somali Shabaab rebels

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‘Comfort Dogs’ Brought to Newtown School to Help the Healing


A team of specially trained dogs just journeyed 800 miles to help grieving children and adults at funerals and other gatherings this week in Newtown, Conn. The dogs all come from the K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry at Lutheran Church Charities,

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