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Transcript of Egyptian Military Statement

In a show of dignified restraint, General Abdel-Fatah el-Sissi told the Egyptian people that a new “road map” had been agreed upon that include a list of promises that counter the policies that Morsi was incorporating into his power grabbing

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BREAKING NEWS: Egypt’s President Morsi Overthrown in Military Coup

BREAKING NEWS:  3:00 EDT   Egypt’s military is now announcing that they have told Morsi he is no longer president. One year after the inauguration of Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi, millions of Egyptians marched through the streets of cities across the

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Organization of Islamic Cooperation Fights European “Islamophobia” by Challenging Free Speech

PC at the expense of national security is not limited to the US. Europe has been a victim of radical Islamism for decades, trading the security of its own citizens for cheap labor and paying a heavy price for doing

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Editorial: DC Scandals Coming ‘Fast and Furious’; Will the President Survive Them?

Washington must be in a state of shock. The scandals swirling around this administration just keep on coming and the  sheer speed with which they are being revealed seems to be putting the White House on the defensive. Take your

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UN: Anti-Assad Forces, Not Syrian Military, Used Sarin Gas in Syria

Two years and 70,000+ lives ago, an incident in a small town triggered a local demonstration in a small Syrian town. Five young children were brutally arrested and imprisoned for writing anti-Assad grafitti on a wall, and the people of

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Lebanon, Syria Blame Israel for Attacks on Chemical Weapons Plant, Israel: No Comment

Lebanese and Syrian media are reporting that large explosions near Damascus are the result of Israeli bombing raids at 2 am this morning. An Israeli spokesman refused to comment on the reports, but the Israeli government has made it clear

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Pentagon Finds North Korea Advancing Goal of Nuclear-Armed ICBM

The Defense Department on Thursday said North Korea is moving closer to its publicized goal of wielding a nuclear-armed ICBM capable of reaching the United States. “Advances in ballistic missile delivery systems, coupled with developments in nuclear technology … are

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Arabs Plan March to Jerusalem in June; Likely to Stir Up Passions, Create Crisis

Arab organizations in Israel and neighboring countries are planning a “Global March to Jerusalem” for early June. Arabs in Judea and Samaria (Shomron) will attempt to reach Jerusalem “or to the nearest point to it” that they can reach. Organizers

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Israel on High Alert on the Syrian Border Following Threats from Assad

Israeli forces were on high alert in the Golan Heights Saturday, as clashes between Assad forces and rebel fighters reached areas near the Golan village of Majdal Shams. The IDF is concerned about mortar shells landing in Israeli territory and

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President Obama Moves Towards Gun Control by Executive Action, Side-stepping Congress

Not unexpectedly, the President seems intent on exercising executive prerogative and implementing gun control laws through Executive Orders, since Congress defeated the Feingold gun control bill. It remains to be seen whether he will actually carry out his promise to

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