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Janes: Saudi Arabia Is ‘Targeting Iran and Israel with Ballistic Missiles’

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Israel Reinforces Military Presence Along the Syrian Border to Deter Hezbollah Attack

  While unrest and violence in Egypt continues to move the country towards civil war, its northern neighbor, Israel, is increasingly concerned about its border with Syria. Even while Hezbollah has been fighting in support of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s

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Egypt’s Interim Government Orders the Arrest of Brotherhood Leader for Inciting Violence

Prosecutor’s office issues arrest warrant for Mohamed Badie on charges of inciting violence in Cairo when 51 died. The Brotherhood said that bringing charges against Badie was an attempt by the authorities to break up an ongoing vigil. [AP] Egypt’s

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Increasingly Savage Violence in Egypt, MB Calls for ‘Intafada’ Against the Government

As the situation continues to deteriorate in Syria, with nearly 100,000 dead, a second civil war is rapidly developing in the Middle East, another casualty of the so-called “Arab Spring”. The growing chaos in Egypt’s cities is rapidly leading Egypt’s

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Violence Explodes in Egypt; Brotherhood Supporters Vow to Reseat Morsi or Die

The violence in Egypt did not take long to develop. As we predicted yesterday, clashes between pro-Morsi and andti-Morsi groups exploded in cities throughout the country as angry Muslims left Friday prayers and took to the streets. The military responded

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Stability in the Middle East: Egypt’s New Reality and Israeli Democracy

The Middle East has never been a very stable place. Armies have marched across it for centuries, laying waste to thriving communities, slaughtering the indigenous people or enslaving them, and then, over time, being overwhelmed themselves by other invading armies.

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News from Egypt: Incoming Posts from Various Sources; Crowds Chant “No More Beards”

Egypt’s Brotherhood Refuses Army Move, Calls It a ‘Coup d’etat’  (from Ahram Online, Thursday 4 Jul 2013) Muslim Brotherhood has rejected Mohamed Morsi’s removal, refuses to work with ‘usurped authority’, and calls on supporters to remain peaceful.  Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

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Egyptian Military Issues Arrest Orders for Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood Members

Egypt’s new military rulers have issued arrest warrants for up to 300 members of the Muslim Brotherhood hours after ousting the elected president, Mohamed Morsi, and taking him and his aides into military custody. The morning after a momentous night

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Analysis: As the Current Trend of Violence Escalates, Is Egypt Headed for Civil War?

October 6 Bridge Clash

In the early days of the so-called “Arab Spring” in Egypt, it was already clear that the seeds of democracy which spawned it would soon be eclipsed by an Islamist power-grab by the Muslim Brotherhood. We wrote about it in

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Transcript of Egyptian Military Statement

In a show of dignified restraint, General Abdel-Fatah el-Sissi told the Egyptian people that a new “road map” had been agreed upon that include a list of promises that counter the policies that Morsi was incorporating into his power grabbing

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