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The Guardian: NSA tool collects ‘nearly everything a user does on the internet’

According to the following article which appeared in the Guardian on July 31, the NSA claims to be using a program called XKeyscore, which it says has nearly limitless access to Internet activity.  In their own presentations, the NSA shows

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South Korean Banks and Broadcasters Were Paralyzed by Hackers

The computer networks of three South Korean broadcasters and at least two banks were “paralyzed” in what appeared to be a coordinated cyber attack. Authorities in Seoul were not immediately able to pinpoint the cause of the system failures and

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F-22 and F-35: America’s Costly Boondoggles Are the Victims of Arrogance and Appeasement

If you thought that canceling the White House tours in order to save the Federal Government $74,000 per week was desperate, what do you think about the $40 billion that we have already spent on a ‘state of the art’ fighter

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