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Book Review: Benghazi: The Definitive Report

When the first reports of the new book “Benghazi:  The Definitive Report” first came out last week, we did not review it because we had not yet had our own opportunity to read it, and our first purchase from Amazon

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Defying US, 29 Rebel Groups in Syria Swear Allegiance to al Nusrah

Our readers have already known for some time that al Qaeda has been actively engaged in leading the opposition in Syria, something the State Department is apparently just finding out. But in naming al Qaeda in Iraq’s own spin-off, al

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Syria: Jihadist Al-Nusra Front Siezes Chemical Factory Near Allepo

Late Saturday night, it was reported that FSA fighters captured a Syrian chemical factory used to make toxic chlorine. Some reports suggested that the chloride factory at Al-Safira, southeast of Aleppo, is a also a chemical weapons depot and research

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