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Sinai Peninsula Has Become the Latest Terrorist Playground; Egypt Declares It a Closed Military Zone

Since the overthrow of Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi by the Egyptian army, more than a thousand people have died in the worst political violence the country has seen in modern history. While much of Cairo was in chaos yesterday, on

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Al-Qaeda Leader Freed in Morsi Jailbreak Seeks to Declare Sinai an Islamic Emirate

Egyptian security and armed forces arrested nine alleged terrorists in the Sinai desert operating under the command of al-Qaeda leader Ramzy Mowafy, Egypt’s Al-Ahram reported. Mowafy was among 234 prisoners, including former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, who escaped from the Wadi al-Natrun

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Syria: Update on the Very Uncivil War as Conflict Threatens to Expand Across Borders

In light of the current encouraging events in Washington, the hearings on Benghazi, on the Boston Marathon Bombing, and the Extortion 17 press conference at the National Press Club yesterday, Syria has recently taken a back seat in the news.

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Alleged US Spy Crucified in Yemen, Accused of Directing US drones Targeting Terrorists

An Al-Qaeda-affiliated group in Yemen crucified an alleged US spy, and posted a video of the crucifixion on YouTube, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) said on Wednesday. The Washington, DC-based media watchdog said the man had been crucified

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Al Qaeda’s £168million Cocaine Smugglers: Terror Group Flooding Britain with Drugs

Profits are being used to fund terror plots in the UK and western Europe Al Qaeda has teamed up with other terror groups to smuggle cocaine to Britain, the Sunday People has ­discovered. One plot involved a staggering four tons

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AQAP’s Latest Issue of Terrorist “Inspire” Magazine Prepares English-Speaking Jihadis for War with the West


al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has come out with a new “Inspire” magazine. Designed for the English speaking, would-be jihadi, the magazine was inspired and produced by American terrorists Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan, until they were killed

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Book Review: Benghazi: The Definitive Report

When the first reports of the new book “Benghazi:  The Definitive Report” first came out last week, we did not review it because we had not yet had our own opportunity to read it, and our first purchase from Amazon

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Algeria: Story Still Unfolding, Number of Casualties Still Unknown

As the story in Algeria continues to unfold, it has become clear that initial reports greatly underestimated the situation. According to the latest news coming out of the area, the number of hostages seized was far greater than first reported,

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Algeria: 34 Hostages, 15 Terrorists Killed in Botched Rescue Attempt

In case anyone still doubts that al Qaeda is alive and well, the spreading terrorism across northern Africa and the Middle East should put that doubt to rest. The most recent attack against civilians working at the In Amenas gas

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Al Qaeda seizes BP Gas Field, Takes 41 Hostages, Including Seven Americans

The latest action by al Qaeda in northern Mali was against BP’s Ain Amenas gas field  in neighboring Algeria. The attack once again demonstrates that al Qaeda is not only alive and well, that they are developing franchises throughout the

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