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Palestinian Jihadist Group Takes Credit for Arizona Wildfire That Killed 19 Firefighters

Forest fire burning out of control in a pine forest

The hidden terrorists who populate the dangerous Jihadi groups that exist throughout America and are called “homegrown” seem to believe that anything done “in the name of Allah” is permissible, particularly if it causes harm to kuffar (non-Muslims) and apostates (non-observant

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Arizona Sheriff Says ICE Lied About Criminal History of Released Illegals

This is not a new article. It was first published on March 6, in response to the release of hundreds of illegal immigrants who had been in jail for crimes of various sorts, some of which very serious. The article

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Congress Passes Gun Reciprocity Law

A Congressional committee held an interesting discussion last week  on the subject of concealed carry reciprocity between states, considering a bill that would allow concealed carry permit holders to carry handguns across state lines. The following day, Congress passed the

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