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BREAKING NEWS: Syria Agrees to Puts Its Chemical Weapons Under International Control

Today, following a meeting between the Russian and Syrian Foreign Ministries and their respective staffs, Russia announced that Syria has accepted Russia’s plan to place Syria’s chemical weapons stores under international control. According to our sources, Syria agreed to the

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UN: Anti-Assad Forces, Not Syrian Military, Used Sarin Gas in Syria

Two years and 70,000+ lives ago, an incident in a small town triggered a local demonstration in a small Syrian town. Five young children were brutally arrested and imprisoned for writing anti-Assad grafitti on a wall, and the people of

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Breaking News: Unconfirmed reports: Assad Shot by Iranian Bodyguard

Yalibnan (Now Lebanon) has published an unconfirmed report that Syria’s President Assad has been shot by one of his bodyguards, an Iranian. According to the report, the attack has either killed him or left him in critical condition.  The chaos

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Syria’s Assad May Try to Flee to Venezuela or Cuba

As the situation in Syria becomes increasingly unstable, rumors abound about the possible outcome of evolving events. The following appeared in NowLebanon amid reports that Assad’s command on his government is slipping and that it is not even clear if

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Syria: AQ-linked ‘Opposition’ Leader Wants Islamist State

  Hats off to AP, which has cornered the market in several stories with an output of alarming articles exposing the real threat of the Islamist takeover in the Middle East. Read two of them here. This story relates to

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Analysis: Is Lebanon Becoming Syria’s Western Front?

Whether you agree with the following analysis or not, it will raise questions that need to be answered if we are to understand the true underlying realities of the war in Syria. The Middle East is very difficult for Western

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US Quietly Prepares for Post-Assad Syria

WASHINGTON — Even with fighting raging in Syria and President Bashar al-Assad digging in, the State Department and Pentagon are quietly sharpening plans to cope with a flood of refugees, help maintain basic health and municipal services, restart a shattered

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Syria: Gov’t Forces Launch Ground Assault on Aleppo with Heavy Artillery

Editor’s Note: Understanding the News from Syria The reports from Syria recall the old story of the blind men describing an elephant. To each one, describing what he could feel with his hands, the elephant was like a tree, a

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Russia Sends Carrier Group to Mediterranean; Syrian Unrest Continues to Threaten Region

According to a report in al-Arabiya this morning, the Russian Defense Ministry has reported that the aircraft cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov left the artic port of Severomorsk, Russia’s base for its Northern Fleet, escorted by a destroyer and several supply ships.

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