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Editorial: Obama’s Surprise Appearance Underscores Racial Issues in Zimmerman Trial

The trial is over, George Zimmerman was exonerated, and the jury has gone home. But the controversy is far from over, and the President has just given a long statement to the press and the American people, all about race

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New Gun Control Laws are Targeting the Wrong People

Caught in a home invasion, a legal firearms owner with only seven rounds in his gun (as per new NY State law) is at a severe disadvantage when facing a criminal who ignores the law and has 16 rounds in

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Anti-Israel, Anti-US Protest Outside Obama HQ in Chicago

On Thursday night, Nov. 15, anti-Israel protesters gathered outside of President Obama’s re-election campaign headquarters in Chicago to protest what they call “Israeli war crimes.” The protest was organized by the Palestine Solidarity Group, the Chicago Movement for Palestinian Rights

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