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Stability in the Middle East: Egypt’s New Reality and Israeli Democracy

The Middle East has never been a very stable place. Armies have marched across it for centuries, laying waste to thriving communities, slaughtering the indigenous people or enslaving them, and then, over time, being overwhelmed themselves by other invading armies.

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News from Egypt: Incoming Posts from Various Sources; Crowds Chant “No More Beards”

Egypt’s Brotherhood Refuses Army Move, Calls It a ‘Coup d’etat’  (from Ahram Online, Thursday 4 Jul 2013) Muslim Brotherhood has rejected Mohamed Morsi’s removal, refuses to work with ‘usurped authority’, and calls on supporters to remain peaceful.  Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

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BREAKING NEWS: Egypt’s President Morsi Overthrown in Military Coup

BREAKING NEWS:  3:00 EDT   Egypt’s military is now announcing that they have told Morsi he is no longer president. One year after the inauguration of Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi, millions of Egyptians marched through the streets of cities across the

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Romania’s Gov’t Faces Collapse Following Leadership Stalemate

Romania’s government may be about to fall and this could happen as early as this week, according to a GerardDirect source in Romania. The country’s president,Traian Basescu, has been suspended on charges of violating the Romanian constitution and acting beyond

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Morsi Continues to Expand His Power Over Egypt

The warnings from those of us who have been watching the progress of the so-called “Arab Spring” have gone largely unheeded. The rise of a radical Islamism in every country in which the revolutions have succeeded is proof enough that

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Egypt’s Morsi Fires Defense Minister and Chief of Staff

Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi on Sunday sacked Defense Minister Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi and Army Chief-of-Staff Sami Annan and canceled the military-declared constitutional amendments that gave top generals wide powers. The constitutional amendments , also referred to as the complementary

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