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Organization of Islamic Cooperation Fights European “Islamophobia” by Challenging Free Speech

PC at the expense of national security is not limited to the US. Europe has been a victim of radical Islamism for decades, trading the security of its own citizens for cheap labor and paying a heavy price for doing

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Racing Toward Armageddon – How a Concurrence of Events May Find a Nexus in Global War


America stands in the vortex of a developing “perfect storm” that is likely to engulf the world. Failing to act against it, we are, by our own inaction, losing ground as we race toward Armageddon. From Europe to Iran to

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In Memoriam – 68 Years Later – Lest We Forget the Holocaust

In Memory of the Holocaust – 68 Years Later – May We Never Forget!

On April 7, Jews around the world will observe Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Day. The date marks the anniversary of the Warsaw ghetto uprising, when Jewish resistance fighters, imprisoned in a tiny neighborhood in Warsaw, Poland, rose up against the Nazis.

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The World is in Crisis, but the President is AWOL

Two major crises building rapidly around the world have set the stage for an unprecedented economic, social, and religious conflagration. Yet, inexplicably, President Barack Obama seems to be missing in action. While busying himself with his re-election campaign, and appearing

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