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Analysis: The Snowdon Story Echoes Post 9/11 Realities for the Intelligence Community

Sensationalism and media frenzy have surrounded the release of classified information by Edward Snowdon and his subsequent search for political asylum outside the US. Not surprisingly, they have also clouded the underlying issues that created the rich environment that made

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“Red Line” Speech Irks Clinton, Opts for More Diplomacy

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton berated Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for the powerful presentation of his case for confronting Iran with red lines instead of hitherto failed diplomacy and sanctions in his speech to the UN General Assembly

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Intel, Special Ops Forces Speak Out Against Leaks

Intelligence and special operations forces are beginning to speak out about the countless leaks, interviews, and decisions by the Obama Administration have enraged their comrades in arms who put their lives on the line, depending on their government to keep

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