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Book Review: Benghazi: The Definitive Report

When the first reports of the new book “Benghazi:  The Definitive Report” first came out last week, we did not review it because we had not yet had our own opportunity to read it, and our first purchase from Amazon

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The New Poisonous Coalition of Terrorism

Looking at a single terrorist group (such as al Qaeda) and saying it is the root cause of terrorism is neither correct nor smart. The terrorist threat comes from a complex network of aligned terrorist organizations and terror-supporting countries, as

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Demonstrations in Saudi Arabia

For the last two years, we have been warning Middle East watchers to pay attention to what is happening in Saudi Arabia. Our concern was with the apparently growing friction between the King, who has been instituting jaw-dropping reforms, and

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UNESCO Votes “Yes” to Palestinians

The question of Palestinian statehood has reached another level of complication. Even while the UN Security Council considers the Palestinians’ application for full membership, UNESCO’s executive committee backed a Palestinian bid to become a member, over intense US and French

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New Threats Bring Middle East Closer to War

Syrian President Bashar Assad has threatened to ignite a firestorm in the Middle East by promising an immediate attack on Israel if NATO takes military action against his beleaguered government. According to Iran’s Fars news agency, Assad told Turkish Foreign

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AQAP Leader Killed in US Drone Strike

  In a stunning blow to al Qaeda of the Arabian Penninsula (AQAP), two drones armed with Hellfire missiles struck a convoy carrying American-born terrorist leader, Anwar al-Awlaki. The convoy was traveling through an al-Qaeda stronghold in Yemen, 87 miles

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US Ambassador Mobbed in Syria

When US Ambassador to Syria traveled to the Syrian city of Hama in July 2011, he started a firestorm that is still burning. He said afterwards that he went to express solidarity with protesters calling for the fall of President

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Unintended Consequences

A perfect storm is gathering in the Middle East. Fueled by revolution, international interference, and the repositioning of world leaders as they try to hold on to their power in the region, the streets are now churning with what is

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Mass. Islamists found guilty

A federal appeals court has overturned a lower court’s acquittal of three men  accused of conspiring to cheat the U.S. government into granting tax-exempt status to a Muslim charity by disguising its pro-jihad activities as charitable functions. The organization, Care

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