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Algerian Update: Attack Was Inside Job, Weapons Came from Libya

Commentary Update:   The UK Telegraph reported today,  that “up to five of the al Qaeda-linked Islamists who carried out the most spectacular and bloody hostage situation in recent years were employees of the gas plant.” One of the co-workers turned

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Analysis: Egypt’s Draft Constitution – Most Islamic in Egypt’s History

The unraveling of Egyptian new “democracy” has now taken another step in reverse, leading the Egyptian people into a new era of Islamist dominance in which the people are supposed to follow like sheep. Only they are not doing so.

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Tunisia Votes in Free Elections

Ten months after the fiery death of Manoubia Bouazizi in Tunisia that sparked the phenomenon now known as “The Arab Spring”, Tunisians went to the polls to vote for a new government. More than 90% of registered voters turned out

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