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Jews and Guns: American Jews are Both the Fiercest Defenders and Opponents of Gun Control

American Jews have long been among the most prominent champions of the movement for gun control. Some of the leaders of the gun control movement today – Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), New York Mayor Michael Bloomburg (R), Senator Chuck Schumer 

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NY Times Takes a Hard Look at President Morsi’s Anti-Semitism

When Mohamed Morsi became Egypt’s president in June, he rose, unknown and untested, from the Muslim Brotherhood to the leader of the most important Arab country. He has made missteps and some truly alarming decisions, but there was still reason

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An Open Letter to the Jews of America

During her recent visit to Tunisia (Feb. 24, 2012), the State Secretary, Hillary Clinton, met the local university students for what the State Department called a “Town Hall With Tunisian Youth”, where she was asked a question by a participant:

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Egyptian Cleric: Murder Israelis

A second call by a Muslim Brotherhood cleric to murder Israelis, targeted Israel’s Ambassador to Egypt. On September 8, the Embassy in Cairo was stormed by an unrestrained mob and its occupants forced to flee for their lives. Senior Muslim

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