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BREAKING NEWS: Syria Agrees to Puts Its Chemical Weapons Under International Control

Today, following a meeting between the Russian and Syrian Foreign Ministries and their respective staffs, Russia announced that Syria has accepted Russia’s plan to place Syria’s chemical weapons stores under international control. According to our sources, Syria agreed to the

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Editorial: Obama’s Surprise Appearance Underscores Racial Issues in Zimmerman Trial

The trial is over, George Zimmerman was exonerated, and the jury has gone home. But the controversy is far from over, and the President has just given a long statement to the press and the American people, all about race

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Editorial: DC Scandals Coming ‘Fast and Furious’; Will the President Survive Them?

Washington must be in a state of shock. The scandals swirling around this administration just keep on coming and the  sheer speed with which they are being revealed seems to be putting the White House on the defensive. Take your

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President Calls IRS Scandal “Outrageous”,But Benghazi Investigation is a “Sideshow”

Mixing reality with politics, President Obama made two statements on Monday that illustrated the political dilemma in which he finds himself. The news that the IRS had specifically targeted “right wing” organizations, like those associated with the Tea Party, for

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Will the Truth Finally Come Out at Today’s Testimony on Benghazi?

The long-held, but too infrequently aired opinions that the Obama administration was guilty of a massive cover-up regarding the Benghazi attacks on 9/11/12, are now, finally, seeing the light of day. As Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and

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President Obama Moves Towards Gun Control by Executive Action, Side-stepping Congress

Not unexpectedly, the President seems intent on exercising executive prerogative and implementing gun control laws through Executive Orders, since Congress defeated the Feingold gun control bill. It remains to be seen whether he will actually carry out his promise to

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Updated: Why Nuclear Talks with Iran Will Fail: “US is on a Fool’s Errand”

The Obama administration’s plan to extend his “charm offensive” to last week’s talks with Iran in Kazakhstan, was doomed to fail, as we have been predicting for a very long time. From day one, the six nations at the  “negotiating”

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Arizona Sheriff Says ICE Lied About Criminal History of Released Illegals

This is not a new article. It was first published on March 6, in response to the release of hundreds of illegal immigrants who had been in jail for crimes of various sorts, some of which very serious. The article

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Economics 101 for America: The Lessons the US Refuses to Learn

The often repeated quote from Santayana comes to mind more frequently than ever these days: “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” That the American government is forgetting the lessons of history is true in

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Five Months After Benghazi Murders: Killers Frolic Untouched There

For many months, GerardDirect has been asking: where is the US response to the al-Qaeda linked murders of four Americans in Benghazi five months ago in an attack against sovereign US territory in Libya. The answer has always been the

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