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Mississippi Man Arrested for Sending Letters Laced with Ricin


The FBI announced today that it has  identified a Mississippi man, 45-year-old Paul Kevin Curtis, who is suspected of mailing letters containing ricin to the President, a US Senator, and at least one other person. Following hard on the Boston Marathon

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Cantor Offers President Alternative to Punishing American People in Sequester

If you have been wondering why the government is cutting essential jobs, furloughing homeland security employees, and letting illegal immigrant criminals free instead of cutting from the billions of dollars of wasteful spending that have already been identified, you’ve got

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SWC To Obama: Cut Your Ties with Muslim Brotherhood

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has urged President Obama to publicly condemn the anti-Semitic call for Jihad against Israel by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide, Mohammed Badie, and to order the cutoff of all contacts with the organization until the threat

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From the Blogosphere: Drones Over Benghazi – Who Knew What?

Eli Lake breaks more ground on Benghazi. The latest: The FBI picked up a video of the attack when it finally got to the sacked compound and is now going through that video. It shows a military-style assault, no protest.

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North Korea Launches Controversial Rocket

Breaking News: North Korea launched a long-range rocket on Friday in a controversial move that the US, Japan and South Korea had warned would contravene UN resolutions. But the rocket apparently failed in its first stage, between 90 seconds and

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Obama Bows to MB, Cancels Meeting

Dahlia Mogahed, a senior State Department advisor to the President on Arab and Islamic Affairs, has successfully sabotaged a meeting between President Obama and Patriarch Beshara Rahi, the leader of the Maronite church in Lebanon. According to the Beirut news

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