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Clare Lopez: It’s Time to Derail the Saudi ‘Visa Express’

Preferential, fast-lane treatment for Saudi visa applicants should be considered on a reciprocal basis, with verifiable Saudi progress in stopping funding for Wahhabi-Salafist mosque construction; Salafist and Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated imams; anti-Semitic, anti-Christian and anti-West curriculum materials and jihadi fighters everywhere

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Egyptians Take to the Streets (Again) to Protest Developing Ties with Iran

Lest we forget where the rolling Arab revolutions began, since January 25, 2011 Egypt has devolved into a country ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood but at war with itself. Chaos continues in the streets, women risk assault whenever they leave

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Israeli Air Strike Kills Two Senior al-Qaeda Officers in Gaza

Four Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip at the weekend killed five militants, Palestinian officials say. Two militants died and two other people were injured near Deir al-Balah on Sunday, ruling Hamas officials said. Israel’s military said it had

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