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Telecom Companies Lobby Montana for Lower Property Taxes, “Let Homeowners Pay Instead”

Telecommunications companies and the oil industry are lobbying the Montana Legislature to lower their assessed property taxes, shifting tax collections away from themselves and towards homeowners and small businesses. Members of the Montana Legislature’s Revenue and Transportation Interim Committee are

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Racing Toward Armageddon – How a Concurrence of Events May Find a Nexus in Global War


America stands in the vortex of a developing “perfect storm” that is likely to engulf the world. Failing to act against it, we are, by our own inaction, losing ground as we race toward Armageddon. From Europe to Iran to

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Commentary: Time for Tax Cuts

What do you do if you find a fat wallet in the street, apparently lost? It has identification in it, so you know whom it belongs to, but it also contains a lot of money. There are tempting alternatives. Keep

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