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Hamas Now Training Free Syrian Army in Damascus – Who Are the Good Guys?

The following report, published earlier this week by the, further underscores what we have been telling our readers for a long time:  that what is happening in Syria is not a clear cut case of the good guys against

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Five Months After Benghazi Murders: Killers Frolic Untouched There

For many months, GerardDirect has been asking: where is the US response to the al-Qaeda linked murders of four Americans in Benghazi five months ago in an attack against sovereign US territory in Libya. The answer has always been the

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Algerian Update: Attack Was Inside Job, Weapons Came from Libya

Commentary Update:   The UK Telegraph reported today,  that “up to five of the al Qaeda-linked Islamists who carried out the most spectacular and bloody hostage situation in recent years were employees of the gas plant.” One of the co-workers turned

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Al-Qaeda Rebels Abuse and Murder Syrian Christians

Editor’s note:  UPDATE:  The original photograph illustrating this article (see  the photograph here) was captioned “Christian woman is tied to a pillar in Aleppo, Syria, by an al-Qaeda-linked gang and left with a note encouraging by-passers to spit on her.”

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Syria: US Supported Rebels Behead Christian, Feed Body to Dogs

Despite the insistence of the mainstream press that the great loss of life in Syria and the atrocities against the Syrian people have been perpetrated by the Assad government, the facts on the ground dispute this. The stories have been

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Israeli Air Strike Kills Two Senior al-Qaeda Officers in Gaza

Four Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip at the weekend killed five militants, Palestinian officials say. Two militants died and two other people were injured near Deir al-Balah on Sunday, ruling Hamas officials said. Israel’s military said it had

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White House Continues to Deny Facts Behind Benghazi Attack

An exclusive GerardDirect analysis of how the news of the horrific events in Benghazi have been misrepresented by the administration, to the extent that they hold direct responsibility for the continuing riots that are now spreading throughout the Muslim world.

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New Egyptian Militarization of the Sinai Changes the Rules and Further Endangers Israel

Egyptian attack helicopters are once again patrolling the Sinai’s lonely skies – at least for the time being – for the first time since 1973. Following the attack on an Egyptian guard station by bands of Islamist fighters in the

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Terrorists Attack Egypt Base, Kill 15, Infiltrate Israel

Armed men attacked an Egyptian military base in Sinai, stealing 2 armored vehicles and ramming through Kerem Shalom Crossing on the Israeli border. One vehicle exploded, and the 2nd was hit by an IAF strike. At least 3 terrorists were

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Israeli Camp for Arab Kids with Cancer is Hardly ‘Newsworthy’

A Civil Administration’s summer camp for Palestinian Authority children with cancer failed to interest media and the program went unnoticed in the world’s press, which otherwise spends inordinate amounts of time and space bashing Israel. The IDF Civil Administration hosted

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