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BREAKING NEWS: Syria Agrees to Puts Its Chemical Weapons Under International Control

Today, following a meeting between the Russian and Syrian Foreign Ministries and their respective staffs, Russia announced that Syria has accepted Russia’s plan to place Syria’s chemical weapons stores under international control. According to our sources, Syria agreed to the

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Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Reign of Terror: Mass Graves Found Near Alexandria and Port Said

America’s support for Mohammed Morsi during his brief tenure as President of Egypt was worse than just foolish. It was support for an evil, violent, and corrupt regime that make the excesses of Hosni Mubarak seem almost trivial. Latest information

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Iranians caught using fake Israeli passports at Vancouver airport

Seven Iranians have been caught using fake Israeli passports at Vancouver International Airport. The Iranians, whose identities are unknown, were posing as the Solomons family from the central Israeli city of Rehovot, according to reports. They may have been trying

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Tensions Rise on Korean Peninsula; American B-52 Bombers Stage Flyby

As North Korea’s “Great Leader’ Kim Jong-Un continues to raise the stakes with new threats against South Korea and America, the US made a show of force this week in the skies above South Korea as a warning to the

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UPDATE: Obama in Israel – Meets with Palestinian Leader Abbas, Then Urges Israel to Make Peace

UPDATE Mar 21, 2013  12:30 pm (EDT): President Obama is now nearing the end of a very full day in Israel. Following a closed meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah (amidst noisy demonstrations outside by Palestinians who called for

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F-22 and F-35: America’s Costly Boondoggles Are the Victims of Arrogance and Appeasement

If you thought that canceling the White House tours in order to save the Federal Government $74,000 per week was desperate, what do you think about the $40 billion that we have already spent on a ‘state of the art’ fighter

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Air Force General William Shelton: Iran Becoming Cyber Superpower

Iran has boosted its online defenses since US-Israeli cyber attack Stuxnet was revealed, Air Force general claims Iran is becoming “a force to be reckoned with” in cyberspace, a US general has claimed, having boosted its online defenses since the

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Iranian Ambassador Threatens to Close Strait if US Chooses ‘War’

Editor’s Commentary: Iran’s rationale, as it moves inexorably toward nuclear capability, may not be quite as transparent as it seems. While Ahmadinejad continues to rave against Israel, the perennial enemy, and the West assumes that Teheran’s nuclear sights are focused

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Algerian Update: Attack Was Inside Job, Weapons Came from Libya

Commentary Update:   The UK Telegraph reported today,  that “up to five of the al Qaeda-linked Islamists who carried out the most spectacular and bloody hostage situation in recent years were employees of the gas plant.” One of the co-workers turned

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Armed Security at Schools in Israel Helps Keep Kids Safe

The first line of defense for most schools in Israel are armed guards, who act as an effective deterrent against terrorists. Israel is a country where terrorist attacks happen far more frequently than here, and where terrorism is not just 

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