Head of AFRICOM Told to “Stand Down” for Wanting to Assist Personnel in Benghazi

General Carter Ham relieved of duty as Commander of AFRICOM

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced on Sunday that General Carter Ham Commander of GOC Africa Command (Africom), headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, will retire soon. (U.S. Africa Command is one of six unified geographic commands within the Department of Defense unified command structure.) for refusing to obey orders not to assist the US personnel in Benghazi on the night of September 11. Army General David Rodriguez has been appointed by President Obama to replace him.

Gen. Ham refused to take responsibility for the decision not to provide essential air coverage and other support for the beleaguered personnel at the Consulate. After the information was leaked last week that three urgent requests for support were denied to the Americans trapped in the Consulate and the Annex, President Barack Obama said on Sunday, “The minute I found out what was going on, I gave three very clear directives – Number 1, make sure that we are securing our personnel and doing whatever we need to.” According to the highly decorated, four-star General, Carter Ham, the President is lying.

The Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, another official, and two CIA assets and former NAVY SEALS disregarded repeated orders to stand down, and rescued several people from the burning Consulate under heavy fire. They requested assistance at least three times and were summarily denied each time. They had AQ mortars painted with laser pointers and requested a C130 attack on the target or a missile strike with a F-22 or F-35. They had laid the groundwork for a military response that would create minimum collateral damage. In return for their heroism, their urgent requests were denied and they died defending America.

According to our sources, General Ham received copies of the e-mails that had been sent to the White House from Benghazi, requesting military support at the Consulate and the Annex after the attacks began. General Ham had a rapid response unit ready to deploy and communicated that to the Pentagon. He then received the order to stand down. His response to the Pentagon was essentially that he could not do that. Within a few minutes after sending that response, his second in command told General Ham that he was relieved of his command, effectively immediately.

On Saturday, October 27, Panetta confirmed that General Ham had been relieved of his assignment.

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162 comments on “Head of AFRICOM Told to “Stand Down” for Wanting to Assist Personnel in Benghazi
  1. Daniel in Brookline says:

    I’ll say this: as more details come out, it is becoming increasingly clear that there were heroes in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012. Ambassador Stevens, who knew he was vulnerable, yet stuck to his post. Ty Woods and colleagues, who went where they were needed — in spite of repeated orders to stand down — and went up against a well-armed force, 200 to 2, thereby sacrificing their own lives to enable dozens of consulate personnel to escape safely.

    And now it seems that, up and down the military chain of command, there were those ready to disobey orders and go to the aid of these remarkable people — and got sacked for it. (Sacked by whom? By the same people, we must assume, who ordered that The Benghazi Four be left to die. And who could that be? Well, how many people give orders to four-star generals? It’s a VERY short list. Hint: the people who now are whining that nothing more could have been done. That would be Secretary of Defense Panetta and President Obama. Notably, Hillary Clinton does NOT appear to have been part of this.)

    This stinks to high heaven. Ty Woods left his position of safety and made a last stand, dying so that other Americans could live. His repeated requests for assistance were denied. And those who were ready to help were forcibly prevented from doing so.

    It’s just barely possible that there were bigger factors involved that day, such that the decision not to rescue The Benghazi Four was the correct one. But this is not at all consistent with what the President, the Secretary of Defense, and the UN Ambassador have been saying and doing since 9/11/2012. So I don’t believe it, much as I want to.

    Mr. President, the buck stops with you. You must answer for this.

    • Cindy in N. Las Vegas says:

      Excellent assessment, Daniel in Brookline!

      • Tom says:

        Well said! You summarized the situation perfectly. All Americans should be demanding answers to the questions involved. This is an outrage.

        • Michael Morarity says:

          What a disgrace for an American President to put such a story out. For Pannetta to say that they wanted to know more before putting troops in harms way. How ridiculous. The military told him exactly everything he needed to know. What the hell have you been doing all along? You have been putting our troops in harms way all along. To order people to stand down under these circumstances is criminal. He has the nerve to have his politcal whores call Romney a liar.

          • Elsie Moriarty says:

            Absolutely right , Michael , This is blatant treason!
            Too bad this aired too late to inform the electorate as to the true nature of our country’s leaders. A deliberate tactic, I’m sure.

          • Bill Stutler says:

            Michael and Elsie, rest easy. this could have been aired the evening it happened and it would not make a ounce of difference. Too many people getting too much free stuff. Everyone knows what a phony they just re-elected and it did not make one iota of difference.This is not you father’s country anymore.

          • Paul T. Kaylor says:

            You are exactly correct in your assessment of this situation. In this case, the buck stops somewhere else, but not with the lieing cowards, who are guilty of treason, and sedition. Please please would someone capable of doing so, arrest this imposter in Chief, and all of his accomplices, and let’s get America back. Whoever is capable will go down in history, as someone who helped restore America. Generals, Sherrifs?

      • Judy says:

        Daniel, I don’t think anyone could say it better. Thank you. But as I said before, you think they’ll impeach him? I don’t. He should be impeached. He should be tried as a traitor. But I suspect that will not happen.

        • Jerry says:

          Daniel, I agree, and Judy I think impeachment is the easy way out. Charges of treason and sedition seem more correct charges.

    • Carl Harris says:

      If this is true, why didn’t they defy the orders and stop the attack onto the consulate?

    • Cal says:

      There were no “orders to stand down”.

    • Elaine says:

      And our men and women in the military didn’t even get a vote in the election.
      Now we know why.

      • Judy says:

        Yes and that is sad. Our glorious leader will likely do his best to get into some other more dangerous conflict to kill off our dear boys.

  2. leonard says:

    Vote in November if that does not work then we must go to DC and talk to them.

    • Brenda says:

      Unfortunately, the election is over and all of those folks who the democrats are “supporting” and those who voted based on race, and self interest have re-elected this person. Many of us believe he has been so secretive that his take over of the presidency has been illegal from the start, and now he is moving for a broad sweep of “reform” to the powers of the executive branch. Goodbye Constitution. Goodbye Balance of Power. Goodbye common sense. Goodbye America.

  3. Kevin Gardner says:

    Obama disrespects our country in favor of those who would destroy us.

    • what do you expect from this temporary occupant of our White House, considering his background and strong Muslim ties and leanings.
      Barry or Barrack which ever name he prefers should now be impeached!

      • Ernie Shirley says:

        You pegged this one right. But you can bet that NO ONE, no one, will honestly investigate this. They are all afraid of what “Barry” will have done to them. Wouldn’t be the first time “free speech” was completely suppressed.

      • Bob says:

        My sentiments exactly. Let’s hope and pray his stay in the White House ID temporary.

      • Paul Robinson says:

        Impeached!?!? They all should be up on trial on any array of murder charges. Negligent would be my choice.

      • Wallace Barnes says:

        I most certainly hope you are correct in your statement about the “Temporary occupant of our White House” ! !!! We cannot afford another 4 years of this idiot, and yes, you ARE correct in that he should be impeached, and not only impeached, but tried for acessory to murder, four counts!

        • tony says:

          TREASON for Obama

          • Adie says:

            That’s the word I would use Tony! TREASON! Then again, the American soldier who opened fire shouting “Alla Akbar” is not being tried for TREASON either. He’s not being tried as a terrorist, he’s just being charged for murder. I think he should be tried for TREASON as well! Everything he did was a terrorist act against the military he swore to protect and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Any wonder that Obama (Who claims he’s not a Muslim) is not having him tried, and sentenced to death for acts of terrorism and treason against the USA? Obama is a terrorist in disguise. He’s had a man put into prison for a newspaper cartoon (violating that man’s 1st amendment’s right), he APOLOGIZED to the Muslim Nations, He bowed down to one of their kings (Hey Obama didn’t they teach you in President School that OUR President does not bow down to any Monarchy?) and even I knew that! I’d still love to see a copy of his birth certificate.

  4. Dave Templeton says:

    The Actual Cover-up List:
    The President of the United States: Barack Hussein Obama
    The Vice President of the United States: Joe Biden
    The Secretary of State: Hillary Clinton
    The United States Ambassador to the United Nations: Susan Rice
    The White House Spokesman: Jay Carney
    The Director of the CIA: General David Petraeus
    The Secretary of Defense: Leon Panetta

    • John Root says:

      If General Petraeus is going to retain his reputation he will have to resign as Director of the CIA immediately. This whole episode is absolutely disgusting.

      • Paul Robinson says:

        Too late. I wouldn’t let him shine my shoes.

      • Integrity is won after many years of faithful and dutiful service. If General P has any integrity, he should submit his
        resignation immediately, as should Gen. Ham’s successor. If not, they too will be or have been thrown overboard. +

      • Ross Peeler says:

        I think General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, General Patraeus, CIA, (Both of these Generals are good soldiers), however, they really should seriously consider resigning. Of course, this is easy for me to say.I was hoping Gen. P would be the SECDEF under President Romney. It would really be appropriate if the media would cover Gen Ham being canned. I have not seen or hear one word on this subject, even on FOX

    • Dee Johnson says:

      As for me and my house, we are in total agreement and all I have to say on this is,:that if you are an American and if you love America, then there should not be one single vote made on november 6th, for obama.

      • Mary Clements says:

        What fool would ever believe that theNovember 6th election was on the up and up. Would any American ever vote for such blatant corruption???No!!!! This Administration pulled another fast one to keep Obama in and if you dont believe it, let me help you pack and you can go when the whole administration goes!!!

      • Barbara Layman says:

        What most folks do not understand is that it is NOT the POTUS who has the power. We are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, NOT a democracy. The power is in the hands of the people through the congressional members that they elect. The real solution, and unfortunately it is too late in this round, is to NEVER, under any circumstances, re-elect any representative to government at any level. The electorate pays absolutely no attention to the conduct of its business until the media becomes disillusioned at which time folks rant and rave. HOWEVER, when the opportunity arises for them to make an impact they re-elect the bozos who made the mess because their memories are so short that if the media isn’t talking about it today, it never happened yesterday. My advice, best solution to the problem – NEVER RE-ELECT AN INCUMBENT and the incompetents will never again have an opportunity to gain ground. It will take about 20 years by my calculations (novice at best) but we could clean house. Think about it.

  5. Our organization honored Navy Seal’s Mother, Sister and 3 Nephew’s at our Yorktown celebration for the surrender of the British in the American Revolution! We gave her a Hero’s Medal in the name of her brave son. We also made sure that the nephews who viewed their Uncle as a hero, continued to feel that way. She asked the question, with all our resources, why couldn’t they be helped. We had no answer because of the above and the lack of leadership when our country needs it!This will linger for a long time as to why we can’t safeguard our people serving across the world when they need it! We are still waiting for answers and maybe now when the scapegoats are releievd we will find the real truth!

  6. Ned Cyr says:

    The damages to this country will not stop until
    we bring back GOD to this great America we had!

    May God Bless Us All and Bless the Old American


    • Russ Fortini says:

      AMEN!!!! God is the only ONE who can bring about the rebuilding of this GREAT country. I say rebuilding meaning that I believe we are on a downward spiral as those great cities were prior to their demise. Bring back God to the young and back into schools!!! God Bless Ned…..

    • Ruth Eckler says:

      So true Ned, I agree, bring God Back into our Country and schools! God Bless America!

      • Bobby McJay says:

        Hopefully, tomorrow God will visit the polls and cast His vote ( as well as removing any ‘dead’ voters)

    • ephraim Imperio says:

      I agree with your assessment! Unless and until , He will not bless our country. Like what we read in the Bible, God burned Sodom and Gomorrah, allowed His people in captivity in Babylon, Persia, Egypt but all the time set them free after they turned back to God. The only way God will bless us again is if our country bring back God back into our lives again.

    • Eddie Manzano Sr. says:

      The damage to this country will not stop until We the people rise up in indignation and March to Wash. DC by the millions, and yank this administration, and all his puppets, out by their ears, if necessary . . .!!

    • Luke Nath says:

      Too many people want to see revenge in their lifetime. But the Lord says that revenge belongs to Him. God’s Will Be Done.

      Regarding all criminals and traiters and evildoers and deniers of God, I found an
      interesting passage in a Hindu treatise where Krishna (The Hundu Seupreme Deity) says about such people: “They are to me as I am to them.”

      In other words, just as Christ said that those who deny him, he will deny them before Almighty Father.
      None of us can live forever on the earth, as it is not our permanent home. Let us fix our attention on God and do His Will as He has revealed it through Lord Jesus.

  7. Milton Eitreim says:

    I am sick and tired of the ineptitude and lying by the so-called president…vote him OUT

  8. Denny says:

    This is absolutely shameful, if true. The sad part of this whole fiasco is that it sounds more and more true every day.

  9. akw says:

    This story is untrue. Gen. Ham has not stepped down or been fired. He is still on the job as Commander, and will continue to be until his successor is confirmed by the Senate and he officially retires. His retirement was already planned, and has nothing to do with Benghazi.

    • John says:

      How do you support your contention that Gen. Ham was NOT relieved of his command. You seem to be very assured of your position which has a ring of possibility about it.

    • Bob says:

      Right!!!! He’s retiring to spend more time with his family!! Heard that one before!!

  10. Linda Freeman says:

    We have the wrong man as our leader and he very much needs to be replaced quickly. He is notone of us and it becomes clearer with each passing event but with each event it takes more of our young lives of which he could care less. As far as the news coverage I feel they sold us out for pocket change. Wait till it happens to one of theirs.

  11. Tom Chamberlain, Sr says:

    This is just one of the things you do when you are trying to change or demolish a country.
    Rome failed by letting the unqualified become active in it’s politics. Put there by the unqualified public demanding gratuities from the government. Now the U.S. is doing the same thing.
    If you have read “The Rise And Fall Of The Roman Empire”, you have read the what is happening in our government today.

  12. John says:

    There are typos. You left out the word fired in the opening of the article.

  13. H House says:

    True of not — Remember the USS Liberty,….. sound similar!!! Stand down and lose American lives!!
    Pray for Presiden Obama, Psalm 109 vs 8

  14. Someone who knows says:

    This is a bullshit story. GEN Ham has not been relieved of duty. This story has been debunked and you can check Africom’s site to see who the current commander is…GEN Ham.

    • Margaret Hineman says:

      I believe the four star General. This is not the first time Obama (Barry) aka has not put our country first.

  15. Bill Killpartrick says:

    I personally am disgusted by most all of the actions of our so called “President”. We need to get a true AMERICAN who cares about this country back into the White House, not this lying, disgusting phoney piece of shit we currently have.

  16. Publicius Maximus says:

    The fact that there are no operational F-35 aircraft yet in the military inventory deminishes the accuracy of this report.

  17. Frank Brussow says:

    So when will our present President on behalf of a grateful nation nominate Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods for the Medal of Honor for manifesting extremely uncommon valor for continuing to furiously fight on rather than running even after they realized they were being abandoned and sacrificed by their heartless and cowardly superiors at the “safe house” in Benghazi. These Seals were as patriotic and courageous as any of the men who, even when ammunition ran out, stood and fought to the bitter end at Bunker Hill. It meant something and God bless them even if He didn’t save them.
    Also Osama and Israeli/Munich “justice” is warranted for the murder of these American men – no quarter, no border, assassination. Libyans will understand – the militia faction that caught Ghadafi and about 66 of his fighters tied their hands behind their backs and killed them.

    • Paul Robinson says:

      I’m just waiting for Barry S. to classify this as another case of workplace violence.

  18. Tom White says:

    BENGHAZI HERE. AMERICANS IN NEED! ASSISTANCE NEEDED! SEND HELP. Gov’t operator: “ok, your assistance check is in the mail” NO, UNDER FIRE. I’M REQUESTING IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE! “Sir, your check will be mailed shortly, please be patient. There are many others ahead of you. We have created quite a waiting list, so understand that will do our best. And, by the way, please vote early and vote often, thank you.” CLICK!!! HELP! WE NEED BACKUP! SEND A BIG ASS PLANE… AAAAHRGGG…. [radio silence and rampant gunfire, sounds of riotous behavior and ill-feeliing rejoice].

    “Mr president, some of our people tried to help our imperiled people, despite the order to stand down and do nothing when they are trapped and cornered like hamsters, calling for help. what shall we do?

    Mr president speaks: “well, since it was clearly NOT an at of terrorism, and they disobeyed my nifty Commander-in-Thief hat which was and now will be forevermore made-in-China, they will be will be made examples of.” “Sir?” “FUCK ‘em, and fuck ‘em hard, for they are not the Americans we muslims prefer”

  19. Willy says:

    There was also an Admiral in command of a Navy task group who was relieved of command about the same time for “inappropriate judgement”. My money is on inappropriate judgement being taking steps for a military response in Benghazi.

  20. The illusion that the President has the power to do all the things (that only God can do) is one of the main problems in America. He doesn’t have that power and he never will have. However, he does have the power of deceit to deceive a great number of voters and a greater number of people throughout the World. Presently there are not enough Americans who know the truth well enough to do anything about what has become of our Government. But, there are things that “We the People” can do.

    General Ham set a great example of what should be done. He was between a rock and a hard place, his oaths are numerous and he chose to obey his oath to protect and defend the Constitution by disobeying the orders of an already proven fraud, a known liar.

    President Obama disregarded his oath the second he spoke those words because he was usurping the office of President as he was sworn in. He was not lawfully qualified to be President according to the Constitution and he knew it. He has admitted this on numerous occasions before he usurped the office. He seems to be becoming more and more arrogant, and if he is re-elected November 6th, we will see that he has only scratched the surface during his first term. It is a sad state of affairs that such a blatant liar is so easily believed by so many. He has the power of deceit. Deceit is a power that only Truth can deal with and it will be dealt. Deceit will be defeated in the end this has been promised to us by Almighty God.

    The frightening part of all this is: For reasons not yet fully known this tragedy in Benghazi is proof that the present President will not hesitate to murder Americans, and/or allow them to be murdered which is no worse than what other powerful leaders have done throughout the world by killing their own people. (Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Saddam Husein and the list goes on and on.) To believe that Obama would hesitate to use the latest technology to remove you and me if we were perceived to him as a threat would be a serious mistake.

    All usurpers of our government offices, all persons within our government who have committed treason by not honoring their sacred oaths should be locked up and Hung after being convicted by a jury of their peers. Treason has to be a serious crime with serious consequences.

    America owes General Ham a great debt of gratitude for his attempt to help those fallen at Benghazi.

    I hope that the personal of our Armed forces will always use their better judgment when it comes to an attack on American civilians. We can help them tremendously by electing for them qualified and honorable leaders. We dropped the ball in 2008. As a matter of fact we have been dropping the ball off and on for the past 100 years.

  21. Mary Hawk says:

    General Ham, I just want to commend you on your decision to not follow orders. I am so sorry you have been stripped of your position. May God bless you and others like you.

  22. Romuel says:

    This is a despicable thing to do to an American soldier with a great record. I don’t know the true story here but would believe the general over the rest of the cover their ass group. The real issue is it is totally clear that the four in Lybia were left to die by an incompetent Obama Administration. In addition they are lying and distorting the facts while being supported by a dishonest and biased media.

  23. shirley crawford says:

    This should be sent to Fox News

    • Cal says:

      Not even Fox News is going to put their name to a story this fake.

      • Alan B. says:

        Just keep drinking That Kool-Aid Cal, Anybody that would support the Muslim Puppet we have who is Liar in Chief in Washington is no better than any other Enemy of America and Your Freedoms and Citizenship should be Revoked!

  24. earlcstarr says:

    0bama is a traitor to all America

  25. Chris C. says:

    This Traitor that we have as a president is not an american and should be impeached before he is voted out of office. He should also loose his retirement an all of his otlher benefits. We the tax payhers should not have to continue to support him and his family.

  26. Kathleen says:

    If this story is true, it needs to be in news papers and on news shows, now!! We only have 2 days to election.

  27. tim esparza says:

    obama is a traitor,liar,coward,and the antichrist.i wonder how many of our service men and woman have taken notice of their so called commander in chief.all military should vote him out while you have the chance,if not,just remember he could be there for another four years,and who knows some day during those four years you might find your self in the same position as those seals and the embassedor.god help you. i am a veteran myself and believe me,i voted for a new commander in chief.

  28. John Caliso says:

    Four heros died that day for our country. Abandoned by a President and his colleagues who want to give the delusional impression that we are not hated for who we are, and believes we have wronged the world throughout our history. Never is there a mention of America ‘ sacrifices to inspire the world with freedom. To release people from oppression. Many men and women have never returned to our country because of their ultimate sacrifice. I am frankly tired of this betrayal of our values and the denial of what we have tried to do. We are always there for others. We lost 4 heros that day. Get them out of office. November 6th cannot come soon enough!!!

  29. Susan Greer says:

    Another instance of Obama’s do nothing policies and then lie and blame someone else.

  30. fred queen says:


  31. Maurice Anthony Malo says:

    I am a veteran, , retired Aerospace Engineer, 81 years old and for the first time in my life I am ashamed of my president and mistrust my government. This liar and cheat has no experience with war, terror, riot and mayhem ,and lacks the independent intelligence and common sense to act or react to military challenge.

    His action of relieving our four star general (and in a separate action, also an Admiral of the Fleet ,too) not only sacrificed four lives unnecessarily, but diminished AGAIN the respect for America abroad! One more costly proof that this Dumbo eared puppet is unfit, unqualified, and unlawfully seated as the President of what once was the most significant power on earth. History will show him as the poorest president ever to hold the office.

    Just look at the medals and citations on the generals chest! they are impressive and indicate he once served as an enlisted man in combat – and was recognized by several countries for medals and by the US congress and several presidents for promotions.

    And this clod effectively ends that career???? We should put him in battle gear (and Looney Panetta, too) and send them to replace our slain representatives [and let them know, when they are attacked no one is coming to assist or attempt to save their worthless lives.]

  32. ralph cavender says:

    let us vote his ass out

  33. Monte Hawk says:

    Thank you for your patriotism. Sadly, your Commander-in-Chief doesn’t have that quality. In fact, he will go down in history as the worse president this country has ever experienced. His actions place him in a position of allowing Muslims to be his henchmen in murdering the Ambassador and the others.

  34. Junius K. Oates says:

    This comes from the Army Times.
    Dempsey: AFRICOM change not tied to Libya

    Oct 29, 2012 | The Associated Press … WASHINGTON — The top U.S. military officer is denying reports that Army Gen. Carter Ham’s planned departure as head of U.S. Africa Command is linked to …Read the comments and think!

    • Junius K. Oates says:

      Moderation? What are you talking about. Publish it complete or not at all.

      J. K. Oates

  35. Robert Bryant says:

    When we see the news Wednesday morning, we will know how many of us has his/her head screwed on right! Woe to our country if obama wins a second term.

  36. Pat says:

    What the hell is America doing? I cannot even talk to or respect anyone who “loves” Osama. He is evil and all I can compare him to is The Anti-Christ or Hitler. Please you idiots vote for Romney and get an honorable American back in the White House.

  37. Jim C says:

    If we are honest, most of us has been conned at least once in our lives, and we ask ourselves how could I have been so dumb to fall for that. Well, I admit I voted for Obama in 2008, primarily because I was thoroughly disgusted with president Bush’s behavior and action as Commander-in-Chief. I wanted a change, and many like-minded independents voted for Obama. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. All I can do now is vote for Mitt Romney, and pray that all who haven’t voted early do the same. A retired military man conned by Obama.

  38. Daniel Askins says:

    This is what you get when you elect a person who has no reguard for this country. Enough has happen in these last four years to make you understand what this man is all about, and the people in Washington who work under him. The waste of our resources and the act’s he has commited are impeachable offenses.I just hope the people of this country are smart enough and realize its time for him to depart the White House for ever. Next time you vote think about who your lending the White HOUSE to for four years.

  39. Monty Hall says:

    That’s why Carter voted for Obama so he wouldn’t be the worst President in history

  40. Geri Prendergast says:

    Why do people insist on labeling themselves? I’ve seen and heard old people (obviously paying no attention to what is happening in our country)go around in a dazed state and insist they are Democrats!! They mindlessly go about voting Democrat no matter who is running for office, and don’t pay attention to anything or anyone who wants to discuss issues. Scary!! Very scary!!!

  41. Mike Copeland says:

    General Ham is being Obama’s scape goat.
    The buck stops with the President. He has not been honest and stright forward with the American people!

  42. Bob Rowland says:





    • Sirs, Ladies, and Gentleman,
      Since when does a commanding officer who is within the geographic limits of his equipment
      and manpower deny immediate, help, aid, and
      whatever assistance is deemed appropriate by those requesting and those rendering aid to
      Americans in immediate peril `Stand Down’ and
      not deliver help to those in need using force
      appropriate to the evaluated need??? Ludicrous!! The General needs to be reinstated at the next highest rank immediately and an Official Apology forwared
      from Leon Panetta or he should step down and

      Ronald Barber

  43. Susan says:

    We can’t afford to go through an Impeachment process. But they should all be held accountable and lets try the old “Hanging for Treason” punishment!

  44. Henry James, Jr. says:

    The above is excellent; however, I feel the executioner should be hung out to dry unless he can honestly testify the President told him in unambiguous, clear words not to send aid or assistance to the Ambassador, Sean Smith, Tye Woods and Glen Doherty. That person is Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

    When Penetta met with the President and Vice President in the Oval Office approximately one hour after the attack began and together had video feed and audio feed presenting them with a clear picture of the situation on the ground, Panetta knew, should have known, or could have immediately learned that there were: (i) heavily-armed long-endurance aircraft carrying an array of anti-ground oriented weapons that are integrated with sophisticated sensors, navigation, and fire control systems, specifically AC-130 Spectre gunships, capable of delivering precision firepower or area saturation fire over a target over a long period of time, at night or in adverse weather, at the Sigonella Air Base in southern Italy just 480 miles (a two hour flight) from Benghazi; (ii) F-16s and Apache helicopters remained parked and unused at Aviano Air Base in Northern Italy; and (iii) two Navy Destroyers that were moved off the coast of Libya on the day of the attack.

    Here’s what Panetta gave as his CYA excuse for not deploying any military aid to the helpless people on the ground: “(The) basic principal is that you don’t deploy forces into harms way without knowing what’s going on …
    and the Commander in that area, General Ham, General Dempsey and I felt very strongly that we could not put forces at risk in that situation.”

    Panetta’s weaselly “clear picture” statement, spoken as a person with a guilty conscience, belies the fact that launching AC-130s and/or F-16s is not putting “forces at risk” in any way whatsoever.

    Consequently, Panetta, the guy who exercised command authority over all the resources available to attempt a rescue has these alternatives: one, to say the President told him to do what he could to save the four Americans and left the meeting, not to be heard from again of the subject, leaving the decision totally up to Panetta (which might ultimately indict Mr. Obama), or two, to say the President gave him the impression he felt four dead Americans was a small price to pay for preserving the political fiction and fantasy of the Arab Spring.

    In either case, the American public who do not watch FOX NEWS will eventually be awakened to the fact that Benghazi is much larger than Watergate ever was.

    Hopefully some of these people will realize our fraudulent press is no different than Pravda was to the people in the USSR.

    • Rodney Galles says:

      If General Ham agreed, why was he relieved? This does not track with the approved version of the so-called truth.

  45. Katie says:

    This is a great article but you really should employ the services of a proofreader for grammatical correctness.

  46. G.A. Higgins says:

    Let us keep the verbiage plain and simple…

    When the President called upon the Navy Seals, they killed Osama Bin Laden to his benefit and glory.

    When the Navy Seals called upon the President, he let them die within a lie, to keep from “complicating” his Presidential campaign.

  47. Grady L. Mullins says:

    The Obama Administration tells us to wait for an investigation to get all the details of what happened. Idiots, we already know what happened. Four American Patriots asked for support, were denied, and lost their lives. Obama should be impeached, and stripped of all benefits.

  48. Allan Denning says:

    This is a national disgrace of the first order. And we still call Ft Hood “workplace violence”

  49. Penetta, H. Clinton; Terminate !
    Obama; Impeach. He will still be in office 01/20/13.
    ALL OTHERS; Eliminate those positions.
    Semper Fi General, for your earnest effort.
    In God We Trust

  50. Gordon Duff says:

    Story is a manufactured conspiracy theory by Fox News and the Mossad.

    Statements attributed are false.


    • Unfortunately, Gordon, the stories have been verified through numerous sources, and while some of the details may vary, as happens in any narrative that has multiple reporters, the substance is accurate.

  51. Lisa Hassman says:

    Make a difference tomorrow… for our future… for our country and for all our Military men and women that deserve more from the white house… go Romney!!

  52. Greg says:

    This president is not the problem. The voters that elected him are the problem; all 47% of them.

  53. Greg says:


  54. Joe Syslo says:

    I am a 26 year Army Veteran and Retired CW4. I am ashamed of the President and what he has done to our Country and to the Office of President. Impeachment is not the correct course. Treason requires immediate arrest and trial, followed by public execution. Regardless of the outcome of the election tomorrow, immediate arrest is dictated by his actions. I totally begrudge having to pay this traitor for the remainder of his life! Let’s use that money to help the Hurrican Sandy victims.

  55. Wayne Switzer says:

    As soon as the Ambassador called for help, the President should have immediately put his rapid response team in action. F-16′s in the air; Delta force on Recon, 200 Marines from closest location heading out. Then over the next 90 minutes the Pres. could determine what force to place on the ground and what bombs and misiles to fire at identified targets. Our President, who is a Muslim and hates killing them, ordered a “standdown” and allowed them to die. Simply Disgusting. No wonder that our men and women in uniform totally disrespect him and do not trust him. I personally think he is illegal since he hides his passports. No other reason, but that could cost him his Presidency. A dredfull mess. The American Press is covering for the President. So hard to believe this is happening in America.Wayne in South Florida

  56. Rodney Galles says:

    Please recall equally ranking officers to sit as his jury. I saw a list of 500 who would be good candidates for the job. We swear to obey the lawful orders of the president and those officers placed over us. We don vow to undertake to abandon troops we are morally certain we can assist. It is never a loss when more troops are lost going in to rescue others in extremis, it is duty and keeping the faith of the band of brothers. He refused an oder to let Americans die. Where is the error in that?

  57. Anthony says:

    I am a solider currently serving and have 12 years in service.
    I’m not sure what to believe to be honest.
    On the one hand I’m not trusting of our commander or anyone not in uniform in the national defense dept.
    The problem I have with the patriots who are calling Treason is:
    I don’t know of any Military member regardless of branch that would stand down on an order that forced them to watch and hear Americans being killed. Its just not possible. If there were targets painted and a soldier screaming into a radio to “Spooky” orbiting. 30mm and 105 shells would have fallen!!!
    If this story is true,Don’t blame Obama and Panetta First,
    Oh we will deal with them in the voting booth, but First….
    Shame on you F*****g P***y A*s Airmen who didn’t pull the trigger.
    However I Pray that was not the case.
    Just my take on it.

  58. Joe Vincent says:

    If there is any doubt why this happened the way it did look no father than this:

    “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope, by Senator Barack Hussein Obama.

  59. Facts not Slander says:

    It sure would be amazing if people actually researched issues instead of passing on the Slander of political parties (Republican and Democrat alike). Amazing that with the intellegence and technology that this country has, that we have so many follower and believers in what people say withouth checking it out for themselves.


  60. Everyone is complaining about how the facts don’t make sense and wanting explanation. But I’ve seen only 2 ideas about what the TRUE explanation might be, and only about 5 websites that mention them. Theory #2 is most bizarre, but seems to fit the facts best. Check them out:

    Theory #1:
    Is there a deeper plot to Benghazi? (October 27, 2012 by Dennis Marcellino)

    Theory #2:
    Benghazi Attack Was Botched Kidnapping To Trade Blind Sheik (10/17) (4:41 + text)

    Is there any info to support or debunk these theories??

  61. Joe Jones says:

    Sounds eerily reminiscent of the attack on the GTR-5 USS Liberty in ’67 by Israel, only that attack was even more outrageous as it killed 34 and wounded 170 Americans and destroyed a USN ship.

    It was covered up too by Johnson and the media. After our government failed to do anything but whitewash this travesty, Admiral Thomas Moorer former Chair of JCS and others held a joint inquiry. Based upon testimony and facts determined that the official USA story was BS, as was Israel’s.

    So I believe this could have happened in Benghazi, because those who run our government no longer do it for the benefit of the USA or its servicemen or citizens. They do it for politics and other countries.

  62. Vic Bailey says:

    Bama needs to be sent to Leavenworth, Kansas Military Prison to wait excitution by Firing Squad for the Cowardly way he has let TRUE AMERICANS DIE! I would like to know, when is this COWARD going to get what he deserves?! What are the American people waiting on, for Bama to let Putten invade America or one of his musulm friends? America and her people had better wake up! Semper Fi.

  63. arbutus j says:

    So the American people re-elected Comdante Zero for another four years. America is getting the government it elected and which it deserves for kicking God out of schools and public life. I’d be surprised if we are allowed another election in four years. In six months the Bill of Rights will be declared null and void.

    Remember this when they come pounding in your door in the middle of the night to drag yiu away and silence you, if you are a dissident voice.

  64. larry says:

    Pretty hard to take that an incompetent administration, a weak and untested Secretary of State, a seasoned government, if not militarily-equipped DOD and a Four-star, retired battlefied commander, who had a sterling record as the top commander in Afghanistan could willingly withhold the necessary and vital support for their survival. This is the sign of an extremely weak-willed nation, and we should be steaming at this at 110% capacity until we get back some semblance of a positive feeling of self-worth.Shame on us as citzens for being asleep at the switch.This is cowardly! Vigilance, my compatriots!WE are facing a major crisis within our considerable ranks, and it promises to cancel out our precious rights as Americans.

  65. Rob in AZ says:

    As I type this in….the same City of Chicago [deleted] has been handed his pass for four more years of lying and deceit from the highest of offices in the whole world! I fear what is over the horizon for the US and everyone who lives here. The “rich” will be taxed to no end and, as the economy is re-adjusted, the middle class and the poor will become far,far worse than they are now.

    Hopefully the Benghazi incident will bring [his] impeachment.

  66. Felicitas says:

    God help us all! I lived through the Hitler time in Germany and believe me – America will wake up soon and wonder “what happened” to their beloved country!

    How can people be so foolish to elect a man without morals as their president and someone, who has absolutely no clue how to LEAD.

    I love this country, because it is the best on EARTH, but it will no longer be after 4 years of the same administration.

    IN God we Trust has been neglected by most and we are [paying for it.


  67. Fred in San Antonio says:

    Why aren’t we shouting TREASON? The Commander In Chief has committed TREASON. He has failed to uphold his oath of office to defend the Constitution and defend the Nation. There should be an outcry for an indictment for TREASON against the President and his Administration. We must go to the streets to demonstrate and demand impeachment and call for charges of TREASON.

  68. Mikepenzone says:

    You guys sound exactly like the weirdo liberals who screamed about President Bush. Give it a rest. By the way, don’t compare this to Watergate, actual laws were broken during Watergate. This is not a black and white case of fault, instead it’s a tragedy, where mistakes were made, lives lost, and lessons to be learned.

  69. U.S. Homeboy says:

    This needs to be checked out……I can’t listen to people who are stuck fast on beating down our president,I hear ,saw and confirmed that there were NO WEAPON ON MASS DESTRUCTION ( Bush)and we send our men to fight for WHAT ??..Let all think and work together and STOP the hate…are (US) history is full of this stuff and alot is true and alot is NOT true..so find out FIRST

  70. TONY VENEZIA says:

    time to start impeachment procedings… this is not a spot on a dress… it is american lives ignored…. time he pays for his decisions, like any other president would..

  71. dokey says:

    If this is true, why is it just coming out?? The Election is over and we have four more years of Obama?? I knew he would be re-elected, that was a shoe-in! So let’s see what he does for the UNITED STATES CITIZEN’S this term?? he hasn’t done much for us so far! If this is true yes he should be impeached! They impeached Clinton just for having sex!! Oh well, we will see.

    • GerardDirect has been publishing this information since it first came out. We started on September 13th with an unvarnished report of the Benghazi attacks, and have been publishing updates ever since, including the one you responded to. Unfortunately, our website does not yet have the reach that could influence a national election, but we are growing fast. If our readers will subscribe (see gerarddirect.com), you will receive NewsAlerts twice a week. Please send them out to your own list and get the word out that there is a news website that carries the news the mainstream media ignores or refuses to publish. Let’s get the information out.

    • Barbara Layman says:

      Actually, sex had nothing to do with the impeachment of Pres Clinton.

      “Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States, was impeached by the House of Representatives on two charges, one of perjury and one of obstruction of justice, on December 19, 1998. Two other impeachment articles, a second perjury charge and a charge of abuse of power, failed in the House. The charges arose from the Lewinsky scandal and the Paula Jones lawsuit.

      He was found guilty by a Federal District Judge for contempt of court resulting from his “willfull failure to testify truthfully” in the Paula Jones case and perjury for his ‘intentionally false testimony” related to ever being alone with Monica Lewinsky.

      Let’s not trivialize failure to support the troops in such a cavalier fashion. When the time comes that you need military protection and the help doesn’t come, I promise you you will have a totally different attitude and by that time, it will be too late.

  72. Don J says:

    The people that voted for what has always been known as a diaster to America, That being the president of the US, Leon Panetta and Hillary Clinton, who have there personal lives and political agenda’s over the security of the United States, are the one’s that I see as the responsible person’s for this disaster! There are hundreds of other Military Officer’s and person’s within the security community that are being relieved as a result of this disaster! Take a look at the Military who have been relieved, being accused of threatening to overthrow obama if he was reelected! Didn’t see this in the news did you! We are more at risk from Terrorist’s now then in the history of the United States and who was reelected to insure our downfall!

  73. Don J says:

    If the Whitehouse was attacked, who would call for a “Stand down”? Who would investigate the action of those attacking and what would obama do to cover it up! Heads would roll, obama would cry out that he was ignored! Poor baby, I don’t feel sorry for him but I would applaude those who stood down! After all its the oblamo way!

  74. Don J says:

    Is it just me, or do I see a cause for the beginning of an Impeachment! I do believe that one is in order, based on the facts. obama ran for reelection making many promised and guess what! There purpose was to reassure his supporters that he can do whatever he wants and be responsible to no one!

  75. Bob says:

    If the oposition parties and the “white washing” press don’t follow up on this act of treason they are equally at blame. If they do follow up with vigor they will have close to a majaority of Americans behind them and the Obamanation’s second term can easily be a “lame Duck” term from the get-go.

  76. Butch says:

    So what are the steps necessary in this country, to effectively request impeachment procedures against both of these A-Holes ? A petition signed by the American people, demanding the resignation/impeachment of both of them. That sounds like a start to me.

  77. Leroy says:

    I would be interested in knowing how many top military commanders have been ‘relieved’ since Obama became president. Can you folks with connections to the armed forces provide a list?

    As one blogger put it, it sounds like a purge.

  78. Scrap Iron says:

    This smacks of the Ron Brown murder during the Clinton regime. The aircraft carrying him crashed and Clinton stoped the US Airforce from invistigating the crash..

  79. Robert Bresette says:

    This is more crap. They tried to cover it up, it isn’t working so why not just fire everyone. There are more general’s being caused to leave the military under this so called president for various reasons than I can ever remember. Chicago politics at work. Now the person that lied on for him on several TV shows, ambassador Rice, he wants to elevated to Sec. of state and senator Kerry to sec of defense. Wow, they will continue to lie and Kerry will probably have the military buy their own armament.

  80. Bill Crout says:

    I am so ashamed of the President we have. And where are the Military votes? They would have tipped the the vote. This is another scandal rocking this administration. The election should not have been finalized until the Military votes were counted and entered. This is a slap in the face of the soldiers protecting us and dying, and being wounded. I am ashamed to admit we have a president and an administration. A gaggle of crooks. May God have Mercy on their souls for the destruction they are causing on this country. I have Faith that God has something in store to straighten all this out. I would not want to be these people when he does.

  81. Nic Samojluk says:

    Incredible! How come this was not in the news?

  82. Larry Moore says:

    AS a Marine I took an Oath to “defend this Nation from enemies from without and from within” . We now have enemies in our Nations Highest Offices , they are too numerable to name. Obama is the leader of destroying this Republic of ours and I charge all Military Personnel to Honor their Oath and remove the enemies of our Great Nation!! Hitler came from no-where like Obama and look what He did to Germany and the rest of the world!! Ho CHI MIN learned his trade in France and took over north Viet Nam and made it a Communist country and he was a peasant.

    When are “WE THE PEOPLE” going to stand up and fight back in every manner we can. Thomas Jefferson said ” The Tree of LIBERTY must be refreshed with the Blood of Patriots and TRYANTS ” !! If WE stand idly by WE all will lose everything we built and died for ..”FREEDOM and LIBERTY and the pursuit of HAPPINESS”. Is this what you want?? Remember the Alamo ; brave men died there for the REPUBLIC of TEXAS against another tyrant, Santa Anna !! We AMERICANS are Warriors and WE will win out in the end with GOD”S guiding hand; please Pray for our Nation and that those who have the will and the way to do… what is just !! SEMPER FI

  83. Reinaldo C Valdesr says:

    “Obama’s love affair with the Muslim Brotherhood poses a clear and present danger to America, but worst of all are the lies and failure to act, especially in Benghazi, that got my buddies KILLED,” says Brad Nagel, 20 year Navy veteran and former SEAL.
    The Obama White House has betrayed America and the American people. President Obama with full knowledge of the facts in Benghazi went to sleep knowing that he could have giving the order to protect our people; instead they were murdered without any assistance from our government. The first duty of our President is to protect the American People from foreign and domestic enemies; and, why should any one be surprised for what happened in Benghazi, Obama had a “closed door meeting in June 2009” in Egypt with leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and after that meeting came the downfall of our friendly government of Mubarak; and, then the Muslim Brotherhood in appreciation for Obama’s co-operation gave him Osama Bin Laden for him to look good in the eyes of the American People; and, then Obama, in order to look good with his Islamic Muslim’ allies gave Osama a heroes’ burial. Wake-up America; and, remember Obama’ Quote from one of his books, which clearly shows the evidence that proves which side his fighting for:
    From Obama’s book Audacity of Hope: ‘I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.’
    Do we need anymore evidence to know that Obama’s agenda is the downfall of America’ economy in order to destroy our military might and therefore, aiding and abetting his Muslim’s faith!!!

  84. Don Dial says:

    General Ham, What a wonderful reason to lose ones’ job..you no longer have to work for cowards, even if they are employed by what is left of “Our Govt.”. I congratulate you on your responses and you comments in the face of sure loss of career advancement. They’ve not figured yet that most of us with any morals and standards do not
    stand with them and their policies. Don Dial, Pipe Creek, Tx.

  85. Jerry W------ says:

    and we have to put up with this kind of BS for 4 more years. We know who needs to be gone.

  86. ray castellane says:

    I believe obama would do anything to be reelected and use anyone to be the scapegoat to take the fall. How come this was never revealed on Fox. God bless our country because with our present leadership, He is our only hope.

  87. john says:

    The word for this is is bastards. Bastards. And still in charge and waiting to do something else even worse if they can.

  88. Elliot Johnson says:

    How come Obama refuses to use the word Terrorism? Every attack on our country has been called everything but a terrorist attack. Attack at Ft. Hood. “Workplace Violance! Give me a break. He created the “Arab Spring”. He’s responsible for it all.

  89. Greg Mastaler says:

    This just shows us just what kind of a Commander in Chief Obama is, or IS NOT. Also, it demonstrates the kind of SHEEP Panetta is. Boy, they make a team! Just what the United States needs at this time. Who voted Obama in anyway?

  90. Greg Mastaler says:

    I tried to send a comment. It would not be sent because my “comment is awaiting moderation”. What does that mean????

  91. fred mankowitz says:

    obama shoud be impeached.

  92. Pat Graves says:

    How can any person live with themselves knowing that people suffered and died because of their inaction or choice not to act. A person’s heart, soul and conscience should override such stupidity.

  93. Barney Dotson says:

    We do not have a leader,we have a dictator!
    Wake up America!!!

    I cannot believe folks do not understand whats going on.

    How can the man in good conscious ignore what was happening and then lie about it.
    Gen Ham knew what was right to do.

  94. Chuck Leonard says:

    This is an Anathema. The only one who should be relieved of duty and arrested is Obama. Pinnetta, Rice and Hillary are co-conspirators.

  95. Eldy Bryan says:

    Our Commander-in-Chief should be impeached and prosecuted for treason and abandoning his post during time of war. (al-Qadea is at war with the USA & Israel). He should face the equitable sentencing under the terms of this law. His actions and/or non-actions caused the death of American Citizens, Diplomats, Representatives, and U.S. Military Staff.

  96. Robert F. McCafferty says:

    Senate must get a direct response from Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta: On what date and at what time did you relieve from duty General Carter Ham as Commander of AFRICOM?

    No sir, we grant no time to check records; that date and that time has to be burned in your brain.

    Sergeant-At-Arms, remove the prisoner for contempt of Congress. Special Prosecutor, investigate for conspiracy and treasonous acts against the people of the United States of America.

    • hithadeck says:

      There is more to this story that smells like a cover-up every day. I believe the ambassador was thrown under the bus to prevent the public from knowing about Obama’s arms deal with the so called rebels who were active in taking over the government but after investigation by news sources turned out to be Alcada. It was rumored that the ambassador had made arraignments for supplying weapons to our enemies.



  98. Bill says:

    I hope the idiots that voted for this arab impersonating an American black man all realize what a travesty it was re-electing BarryO. He is trying to make us vunerable to any occupying force. When is the call to arms for our vets and military personnel gonna happen? Impeach BarryO.

  99. David says:

    Seems as though the ones who need to be releived of their duty are Panetta and his “daddy” Obama. Both are traders to the American people, especially the families of those who died for no reason. Gen Ham should have ordered the action anyway. I would have and answered later like he is doing anyway. I am a retired First Sergeant and I would never abandon or leave my men. My unit was ordered to Iraq the year of my retirement (mandatory age at age 60). I felt very bad for not being able to go to war with the very soldiers I trained. Many of them had been in the unit 20-30 years and I had helped “raise” them as my own. Most had been in my section one time or another and we all were very close. I know of no military soldier that would not have acted to save another American. Mr. President, shame on you and all who obey your orders. Why don’t go back where you came from….where ever that was since you wont tell us the truth about YOU.

  100. Virginia Bukovi says:

    It is horrible that any President would not take advice from his military Generals who are out in the field and KNOW the situation FAR BETTER than him, sitting at his desk in Washington, or out at the Basketball Court! We need to HONOR our Military, and Respect them enough to TRUST THEIR JUDGEMENT. Obama doesn’t respect ANYONE but himself!

  101. M.Warren says:

    Gen.Ham was quite correct in doing what he did–it is the LIAR IN CHIEF(OBAMA) AND PANETTA WHO NEED TO BE FIRED AND OBAMA HELD FOR TREASON IN A COURT OF LAW!’

    BRAVO for Gen.Ham for stnding his ground,too bad other military personnel cannot,didnot,willnot do the same—we have a Pres.who is destroying this country deliberately and with malice–and a Congress with no spine/backbone–time to kick their collective azzes and maybe they will be kicked so hard the backbone will get straightened—no one is so blind that they refuse to see,no one so deaf that they refuse to hear—

    This country is committing suicide!

    Too many ignorant and stupids voting for the liar in the white house–they are the gimme crowd,I want that,and that,and that FOR NOTHING!

    These are the ones (for the most part) who think Obama was going to give them free cell phones,rent paid,gasoline paid and a utopia in their own limited mind set!

    “yea–free stuff”–get a life people and get off of your collective azzes and EARN IT!

    My 2cents worth!

  102. jack ciampia says:

    i would have told the president to go to hell and went in to save my men. he should see if he has any recourse such as a law suit against the administration for the firing. wake up people get the incompetence out of the white house. a two year old could do a better job

  103. Richard says:

    Generals don’t lie when it comes to the lives of their subordinates welfare. Obama and Paneta need some fall guys so the Admiral and the General will be so appointed (Fall Guys).

  104. jerome ennis says:

    This is treason and sedition, both criminal acts as well as subversive acts, by Barack Obama and his Toadies, such as Panetta, who is nothing but a hack politician who will do anything he is ordered to do. Obama and his entire regime have blood on their hands, and heads need to roll for this, along with other criminal, unconstitutional and treasonous acts that have been committed by Obama and his Regime.

  105. Jeannene Moore says:

    This is unbelievable! I agree that Obama has shown this many times over the past four years and now he has the opportunity to continue his ruination of our once great USA. It is unthinkable that we lost American lives under these conditions. We must fight his destructive behavior every way we can.

  106. Bill says:

    Marine Corps veteran here. Nice piece Top. I’m thinking that you are absolutely correct. And I am with you 100%.

  107. Adie says:

    Don’t kid yourself, Obama was not sitting at his desk at the White House. He was too busy campaigning to be at his desk, listening to his Generals.

    Well, we finally have the answers to what really happened, and who the blame is being placed on. It’s sad that Obama won’t take responsibility, but it’s too late now. We’re stuck with him for another 4 years.

  108. Judy says:

    And do you think they will impeach him? Nixon was threatened with impeachment for far far less and he resigned. This is very serious and the press covers it up and the public are apathetic. I honestly don’t know how our citizens could re-elect this Muslim slim ball. Good by USA and hello USSA……United Socailist States of America. Because that is what we will be at the end of all this next 4 years. Of course he won’t change the name of the country, but no mistake about it, that is what we will be.

  109. Bill says:

    When he was told about the attack in Benghazi,,,,,,.,he went to bed.

  110. Bob says:

    He will never resign, and I truely doubt he will ever be asked to verify any of this relating to his incompetence. I don’t understand his reelectance after 4 previous years showing his incompetence to run this country (rather good at running it down), his coolaid is “blinding” and gives hallucinations is all I can figure.

  111. Jeannene Moore says:

    Sad but probably true.

  112. greg says:

    This will be just as it was with Bill Clinton ( another loser ), remember Clinton was impeached by the Republican controlled House in 99, but then the Democratic controlled Senate chose to drop the charges.
    But I do agree, he is with out a doubt dividing and destroying our country.

  113. Dorothy CC says:

    I could not have said it better !!!!!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!

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