Al-Qaeda Rebels Abuse and Murder Syrian Christians

christians_killed hand with crossEditor’s note:  UPDATE:  The original photograph illustrating this article (see  the photograph here) was captioned “Christian woman is tied to a pillar in Aleppo, Syria, by an al-Qaeda-linked gang and left with a note encouraging by-passers to spit on her.”

The photograph and the article generated over 160 comments, many of which pointed out that the photo was taken from a video available on YouTube that proves that she is Kurdish, not Christian, and that the language spoken by her abusers was Kurdish, although the reason for the abuse is not clear.  Many of the comments provide clarification of the photograph, although with conflicting information.

For the record, Kurds are an ethnic group encompassing Muslims, Christians, and Jews, so it is altogether possible for a person to be a Kurdish Christian. Not enough facts are available regarding this photograph to ascertain her religion, but several comments reported that the video shows her abusers speaking in a version of the Kurdish language. It was also pointed out that this photo dates back to 2011 (or 2012 according to some comments). 

All that being as it may, the underlying truth of the story below remains unaltered. The Islamist groups now fighting in the Syrian war have consistently targeted Christians for terrorism, torture, and death, and despite media reports claiming that all the deaths were at the hands of Assad, in fact a large number of more than 120,000 dead died at the hands of the so-called “opposition”.  For more on this, please see comments below.

The deteriorating situation in Syria is rapidly spiraling out of control and creating a hell for Syrian Christians far worse anything that the mainstream US media is reporting, or our administration is acknowledging. The gangs of terrorists (for that is what they are, not ‘rebels’) are appropriating Christian-owned property by force, beating, torturing, and murdering Christians, and making any normal existence, for those who remain, impossible. Yet the Obama administration continues to support the ‘rebels’.

It is a disgrace that our government continues to provide both moral and military support to these terrorists, in contravention of every convention of human rights and the rules of war. This is particularly egregious in light of our knowledge that many of these fighters are aligned with al Qaeda, our openly proclaimed enemy, and one of the organizations on our State Department list of terrorist organizations.

—–  Editor


Christians Targeted by Syrian Opposition Groups

Published Wednesday, December 19, 2012 in al Akhbar

The Syrian opposition groups that have taken control of Aleppo’s countryside are deploying a religious police force to enforce new laws, such as barring women from driving and making prayer compulsory.

The battle for Aleppo does not get the kind of media attention it did during the early days of the opposition’s offensive to take the city. Neither the regime nor the opposition has been able to make much headway in the past several months.

Residents of the embattled city, whose main concerns revolve around security and survival, were shocked to hear that opposition groups who control the Aleppan countryside are deploying a vice-and-virtue police to enforce a deeply conservative interpretation of Islamic law.

The opposition insists that the new force is the revolution’s version of a civilian police squad, whose primary purpose is to fight crime, particularly those committed by undisciplined members of the armed factions. In fact, there are those who support its creation for this very reason.

One local resident, for example, argued that “there were a number of transgressions committed by some Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters, and this police force will punish those involved – their door is open to whoever wants to lodge a complaint. We shouldn’t judge them before we’ve tried them.”

Then, rumors began to circulate that such a formation was patrolling the streets of the town of al-Bab in Aleppo’s countryside and herding people into mosques during prayer time and preventing women from driving cars. The opposition quickly denied the news.

They insisted that the picture of a religious police office circulating on the Internet was taken in Saudi Arabia and attributed to the opposition to tarnish its reputation. Regime loyalists responded by taking several pictures of the office from different angles to establish its location.

The following day, the so-called Revolutionary Military Council in Aleppo issued a statement banning women from driving. The group also released several video clips showing men of various Arab nationalities patrolling the streets and forcing people to pray.Another video posted on YouTube by opposition activists shows a prominent member of the Saudi virtue police, Abdallah al-Hattel, in a pickup truck in the suburbs of Aleppo calling on people to attend to their prayers.

These developments sparked the anger of many of Aleppo’s women. “This revolution for freedom is driving us further into the arms of the Syrian army and the regime’s approach to social and individual freedoms,” Mais al-Omar declared.

“What we lacked were political freedoms,” she continued, “but instead they decided to take away our social and individual freedoms. All the masks have now fallen and we can see their true nature and the extremist ideas they advocate.”

Secular opposition activists were shocked by the news, with some suggesting that the whole affair was fabricated by the regime.

One activist told Al-Akhbar that if the reports are true, then “it is a crime against the Syrian woman who has been flying planes for many years now and has entered many fields that were once exclusively male, like joining the army and becoming judges.”

Others in the opposition camp belittled the importance of such a development, saying that the decision to form the police force “was taken by an unelected group that does not represent the Syrian revolution, which is seeking to take advantage of the chaos caused by the stubborn regime.”

Another regime opponent, Safa Maarawi, condemned the religious police, but nevertheless blamed the regime for “repressing the secularists and building thousands of mosques. Its first response to the revolution was to throw secularists in jail, thus opening the way for the Islamists, which it then exploited to scare people.”

There were, however, opposition voices who openly supported the virtue-and-vice squad, arguing that “it is part-and-parcel of the freedom revolution, which means that the conservative Muslim majority has the right to impose its views on society, as long as it is the majority.”

The university student, who said he was forced to take up arms to defend peaceful protesters, conceded that “Syrian society will find it difficult at first, as was the case with our Saudi brothers a century ago, but they will eventually discover that their purpose is to apply Islam and justice.”

FSA supporter Salem, for his part, maintained that “the regime’s media is blowing the matter out of proportion, for it is a secondary and minor development compared to the much larger civil and peaceful revolutionary movement,” pointing out that no one should be disturbed by members of this police force, for “they suffered terribly at the hands of the regime and are known for their high religious values.”

Samer Othman also defended the creation of such a force, noting that their primary role is “to pursue criminals, thieves, and those who drink alcohol – the focus on preventing women from driving is merely to cover up all these positive aspects.”

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.

Read the original article here.

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164 comments on “Al-Qaeda Rebels Abuse and Murder Syrian Christians
  1. Glenn Goettel says:

    This breaks my heart. This woman is my beloved Christian sister. As they do to her, they do to me; they do so to Lord Jesus. No war in support of terrorists. Obama fails again.

    • suzy andrews says:

      Thank you for your words, Glenn.

    • John says:

      Maybe now that the Syrian Missle crisis is coming to an end maybe we can help in more ways that are meaningful in the upcoming days, weeks and months. We need to, as a nation, look at who we are helping and funding in Syria and to stop any and all aid to those responsibe for such attrocities and war crimes. From what I see, many innocent people, especially minorities like Christians are being targeted for genocide. The UN needs to take a stand and help the fight for peace and that looks like working more closely with Bashir Assad for a solution.

    • Agish says:

      Thank you Glenn

    • Raza says:

      My dearest Friend,
      The most worst part of this story is that US government is going to support and empower these rebels and their brutality. Americans are supposed to empower Christianity and Christians but for whom they are getting into this war which is eating the poor Christians of Syria… They are forced by bloody Saudi Kings and Israeli Zionist to do this. Would you or any other American allow your government to do this? Believe me She’s also like my sister, and I can’t even see her condition in this image, imagine how She had suffered all this when many Animal like brutal rebels were abusing and killing her. Raise your voice to hate such criminals, raise your voice to stop America from supporting them.
      You will always find people like me on your back, and we will never leave you alone for truth and justice.

    • COJO says:

      Religious persecutions can go on to any religious sect and within any sect but as soon as it’s a christian, WHOA! Look out!

    • Denis Bundy says:

      A Christian in the UK whose heart is also broken by this image and story applauds you Glen

    • Syrian says:

      Dear Glenn,

      this picture is fake, try Google Search

      Somone says Kurdish and now christian.. this Picture is maybe fake.

    • Ian Beddowes says:

      You are wrong Glenn. Obama has not failed. The humiliation of this poor woman is just part of the plan. The whole invasion of Syria (as with Libya) was staged and Islamic extremists armed and trained. In Libya, the objective was the state owned oil which provided Libyans with free health care, free education and even free electricity. The small Libyan Army was massacred from the air by NATO. The Salafists moved in and slaughtered every black person that they could find. With Syria, it has only a little oil, but it is being targetted to be used as a rear base from which to attack Iran. the ‘colateral damage is composed of Christians, Alawites, Druze, Ismailis and moderate Sunnis. This was deliberate from the start — and those children were gassed by Obama.

      • Michelle Saade says:

        Finally, someone who understood all that dirty game and dares to say the truth!
        Thank you Ian …

      • Marie says:


    • Frank says:

      Glen I am a Christian and proud of it. All Christians are not guilt free in this world. That’s why Jesus came to earth to save us. At least though true Christians do not teach treachery, hatred, killing of innocent people and lying as the Koran seems to do. It states in the Koran to fool your enemy who are the infidels to get their confidence. Then you must kill them if they will not convert to Islam.
      What you see here with this poor woman being tortured and killed by the Muslims is typical of them. They are soulless, hateful devils who have no conscience when it comes to those who they deem to be their enemy. These are the people Obama admires. Don’t forget that.

      • Riyaz says:

        You are wrong in your statement about Islam & Quran Frank. I would not like to argue about that point but would kindly request you to learn directly from the Quran about what is says instead of picking up what others might have selected to support their argument.
        I see all that is going on as a devilish plan to get the people fighting each other. Do you know that the so called “muslim” terrorists have actually killed more muslims then people from other religions? At the end of the day, the media calls it “secterian violence” and continues portraying everyone else as a target.
        There are over 40 sects of muslims and only a couple (minority at that!) are carrying out these atrocities. And they are at present in Seria called “freedom fighters” and the majority of them are not even Syrians!

        • Lisa says:

          “…so called “muslim” terrorists have actually killed more muslims than people from other religions?”
          How comforting. In an attempt to defend and make your point, you simply confirmed ours. Good lord. Such ignorance, such barbaric uncivilized behavior. Your people have a very long way to go before you find peace and happiness.

        • Ray D. says:

          Riyaz, I agree with you that the Devil is stirring up Muslims against each other, and I agree that some types of Muslims are much more peaceful than others. However, right now the violent Muslims have the oil money, and they are using their money to poison the minds of the others.

          In the Quran, one criticism of Christians is that they are not united. And yet, those claiming to follow Mohammed are more violently divided from each other than the Christians ever were.

          I hope you would consider the Christian message. It has something that Islam lacks, and that is forgiveness.

      • Rami says:

        Frank, I am Muslim and I am proud of it. What you mentioned about Islam and Koran is not true and accurate. It’s common to say such things about Koran if you take some of the verses out of their original context. In Islam, Christians should be treated exactly like Muslims and they have the same rights and they have the right to practice their religion freely. Anyone says anything other than that, then that is his own act and not related to Islam in anything. Being Muslim and criminal doesn’t mean that the problem is with Islam. Some extremists use Islam to cover their acts,this is very similar to KKK, their logo is the cross, was it related in anything to christianity?

        • Kate says:

          Thank you for that reply Rami. I am a Christian and my father was a devout Catholic. He was trying to study the Koran to see for himself. Maybe I will take his Koran and start studying it to see for myself. God Bless!

        • Love thy neighbor says:

          Rami, I have two Quran’s one is an older one. The second one was given to me by a kind Muslim man. I told him I had a Quran and he said this one is for you it is better. I noticed the second one (for me) isn’t as vengeful as the first, But the second one still has in 9:5, 9:29, 47:4. When reading the Bible I notice Jesus talks about love and peace,turn the other cheek, and vengeance is mine. When I read the Quran it says if an unbeliever doesn’t agree with the Muslim belief punish them, smite them, fight them. I met a little Muslim girl at the park one day and she asked me if I lied. I told her that everyone at sometime has told a lie but I try not to. She said her parents and relatives said All Christians lie and can’t be trusted. this simply isn’t true.

          • Love thy neighbor says:

            also I know people who have traveled to Muslim countries and they told me that not all have freedom of religion. In fact people are arrested if they even try to tell someone about Jesus and a boy that my friend knew was shot and disowned because he turned Christian from what they told me this is not uncommon. You may not be aware of that if you live in America. Are your parents Muslim? Will they disown you if you turn Christian?

        • Ray D. says:

          Rami, I have read enough of the Quran to know that your comments are incorrect. “People of the Book” are to be allowed to live in peace, once they accept the rule of Islam and pay tribute.
          If a Christian in a Muslim land attempts to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to a Muslim, he will find himself being threatened or punished. This is true no matter what branch of Islam is dominant.B

      • Gus Karim says:

        Frank, please be kind enough to read the Qur’an before making such miss guiding statements of its content. Thanks

      • Albert Duthie says:

        Oh really? There’s an awful lot of smiting and butchering in the Bible.

        • Jay says:

          You think that’s bad? , wait to you see what He will do to sinners who don’t repent and know Him on that awesome and frightful “Day of the Lord”. His world, His law, His sovereignty, His love, His forgiveness, His mercy.
          :) God bless you.

        • Ray D. says:

          When it comes to “smiting”, the difference between the Bible and the Quran is that the Bible describes it, but the Quran commands it.

          There is no group of Christians that thinks we should repeat the violent actions in the Old Testament that accompanied Israel’s conquest of the Holy Land. That was a historical event, and the previous inhabitants of the land were idolaters who did some terrible things, including sacrificing their own children. The events are described, but not in a way that encourages us to repeat them.

          In contrast, when the Quran describes violence against infidels, it is in the form of a present command. If you read it, you are very likely to get the idea that killing infidels is an act that Allah approves of in the present.

          I am sure that there are interpretations of the Quran that spiritualize these passages, but these interpretations are not the most natural, nor are they dominant.

      • My Question says:

        My question is, if Koran told Muslim brothers to kill people who are not convert to Islam, WHY there are a lot of Non-Muslim people still alive in this world?

        • Jay says:

          Because the issue is against Christians specifically.
          They don’t know God and their God is not God but the Devil. If they would have known the real God, they would LOVE Christians. They hated HIM before they hated us.

          No one else convicts the world of sin but the True Holy one whom sin is directly against.

          Read book of the Apostle John (Bible)
          God bless

        • Ray D. says:

          Because Muslims have not been successful everywhere. Besides, they don’t kill everyone, they just oppress those that they don’t kill.
          If you don’t believe that, try preaching the Christian message in Saudi Arabia.

      • Ali Moosavi says:

        Dear Frank,

        Your observation seems to be literally out of context.I am sure you have not read the Bible at all.Yet you have taken the liberty of writing about the Koran(neither have you read the Koran)

        Do you remember the Crusaders and the Templars(Temepelari) history of the famous Holy Wars(The first time ever the world Holy War was coined by the holy church of Rome)The crusaders were controlled by the Popes and the bloodbath shed out by them is history to mankind!!!!!

        Mass conversion of Moslems killing of the Jews(although Spain remained for nearly eight centuries under the domain of Moslem rule yet there were no forced conversions)

        Frank please do your home work well before writing garbage without any research and shallow knowledge!!!!!

        Little knowledge is dangerous(William Shakespeare)

        Research and search of truth my dear Frank !!!!

        By the way Jesus was never sent down to be responsible for our sins neither did he put his life at stake for anyone!!!!

        As you sow so you reap!!!!!

        • Devil's Advocate says:

          “Do you remember the Crusaders and the Templars(Temepelari) history of the famous Holy Wars”
          History which modern man has yet to make the mistake of repeating. We learned from that very history not to do the horrible acts again in the name of god. I see those very same horrible acts being committed in the news every night being done in the name of god. Allah to be exact. Seems some of gods children haven’t learned a thing. They have been at war with themselves for generations cutting each others heads off, I’ve seen it so much in the recent news media its not shocking any more. I saw a Syrian girl must have been 5 or 6 years old cut off the head of a man, a soldier they claimed he was, captured by his enemy. beheaded by a child while the soldiers laughed. These people you defend, probably because they share a common religion with you are the same as the Crusaders and the Templars that our society left behind many years ago. Religious assassins in present day, their goal is… well to put it bluntly convert or kill all opposed to them. To make the world convert to their Allah or die. Aside from your position of pointing at the past to show religious atrocities, can you show similar actions that Christians even come close to the actions of your modern day Islamic brothers in Syria? I don’t pretend to know anything about Islam, but I know what is the wrong way to act, I see Islam through the eyes of the news, I see Islam through the media. I see Islam as a scourge that needs to be kept out of this country. From what I have seem Islam will not ever be condoned in this country. If it ever does, On that day heads will roll, Christians will die first… Then the Templars will be forced to return. I pray that my days are done before a true holy war comes about. Not all Christians will kneel and allow their head chopped off without a fight.

        • sunday reader says:

          ALI MOOVASI

          You might want to read the Bible before you comment on the intents of Jesus.

        • nado nn says:

          the only thing you muslim have against the Christians is the crusade war ! times are different and Christians were not approving what was happening !! instead of all this bullshit you are talking about main of the problem is Saudi Arabi who is bringing up all those racist !! reading the bible it doesnt’ tell you to kill your fellow human being for not being a Christian ! while in your “holy quran” your whole faith is built on killing and conquering even in mosques not a word of compassion to human beings only making people kill and hate each other !!! Muslims cannot think they have to drive us back in time !! the world is evolving… whatever you say about your faith the ones who represent you are the ones who have the last word !! what a shame for what Saudi Arabia and Qatar are doing to man kind !!

      • Noor says:

        I’m sorry sir that is incorrect the Quran never says that it’s okay to kill. Just because extemist do so it doesn’t mean the whole religion has to take the downfall for the acts of the few.

      • Robin says:

        Ah, and they are slowly & methodically infiltrating America. Michigan has tons of muslims & mosques, and Santa Fe, NM is crawling with them. Look how school districts bow to their demands, too. If we don’t stand up, and fast, Islam will be America’s national religion!! Yes, you should be afraid, and we owe much of this to Obama…….

      • sheena says:

        Seriously? You think Christians don’t spout hate? You think your religion is full of “the good religious followers”? Wake up, this is the most retarded comment I may have ever seen. Have you even read the Koran?? IT IS THE SAME AS THE BIBLE. It is written in a different language, and is actually written more beautifully. You’re a fool if you think the Koran teaches hate any more than the bible. Separation is the greatest illusion and it is perpetuated by idiots.

      • dakur says:

        I just want to be pro-Frank here:
        There’s abrogation, Taqiyya, many sects of Islam, and many interpretations of sharia. There’s a very different view from one having a historical passage to one that holds true to events from today… Hindu genocides and the like.

        extra things:

        You can did into some sunni, shia internet forums (gendered so that there’s a females or males only discussion)and sighs on how if a cause furthers Islam, then it is good. Over instagram I find many shia-vs-sunni discussion, both sides hating the other over some fight. There’s a lot of pro-jihadi fighters up on the social networks, mujihadeen. Some tote on the heavy guns and also like Disney movies or kitties… but I’m getting off track here.
        These are smaller things:

      • Maja says:

        Yes, you are completely right, i agree with you.God bless you!

      • zeiad says:

        Frank!! Hitler was not Muslim<< the muslims did not kill 28 millions in wrld war 1 and did not kill 82 Millions in world war 2!! and they did not kill 3 million in vietnam and they did not kill 1000 in Japan usinc atomic bombs and they did not kill 3 millions in Iraq and 1 million in Afghanistan<<< all these crimes were commotted by your fellow christians!!and many many other big crimes through history were done by your PEACEFUL people!! so should you be ashamed of being christian?? or should you be accusing Muslims of being typical murderers?? and by the way< the photo is not of a christian woman it is of a muslim one and it is taken from youtube video she was Kurdish activist against Assad and if you have a moment search youtube for this.

        Did christianity promote “killing” ? its not a matter of religion < but of racism<< when millions are killed because of stupid idiots who happened to be christians you talk about a sick man or a criminal< but when it happens that the guy is muslim you talk about TYPICAL crimes of Islam!!although the world had known 100 millions killed by CHRISTIANS!

    • mat bruner says:

      those in support of our leader are just confused, ignorant and deserving of a little grace, i guess…

      • MArco Pello says:

        I suppose we can say the same for those who trust and believe in “our Lord”. The thing is, with humans like obama, bachar al assad, poutin and ahmadinejad we have a chance to talk to them and reason with. Cheers

        • Robin says:

          So true…it has worked well for America so far – sheesh! Reply ^ by another deceived person…better wake up, Marco!

    • Iamhere says:

      We would hope and pray for our leaders and authorities in difficult decisions and cultural global relations. These r not my words but “…what is judged as just and personally do what is right” (that is right out of scripture Luke 12) Contact links through Open Doors to be a voice!

    • JLB says:

      Millions are saying we need to help…millions are saying we need to mind our own business and focus on the horrendous injustices happening in our own country. Your black, gay, Muslim, and homeless “christian brothers and sisters” are being murdered by your self-righteous “christian brothers and sisters,” the westborough baptist church are also your “christian brothers and sisters” are they not? Who are we to go in saving another country while ours is nothing more then a 3rd world country dressed in shiny glitter to keep us distracted. I for one will not follow the red dot off of a cliff…I will not support a self-righteous war…at this point if we invade it will be for no more reason but to save face. I doubt it but I’d like to think this country has more dignity then that.

      • Lisa says:

        In defense of Christians, we have publicly decried the Westborough “Babtist” Church. They do not represent us and we loudly protest them at every opportunity. Unlike Muslims and their own extremists. Also, our black, gay, Muslim, and homeless Christian brothers and sisters are NOT being murdered by self-righteous Christian brothers and sisters. That was an untrue, impossible to prove, and non-evident statement. In other words, a lie to support your idealism. Christians are not murdering Christians, but Muslims are certainly murdering Muslims. In fact, Muslims murder more people than any other sect on earth.

      • Reese says:

        I only have one thing that I am going to reply to & it is just for me personally. The people of Westboro Baptist Church are in no way my brothers & sisters,

    • Sori Lattakia says:

      Another stupid and poorly researched article from the western media. This video is from 2011 and the armed gang is the pro-Assad regime PYD, a Kurdish armed group. The girl is sunny if that makes a difference to them. Maybe being a sunny makes more of a justification than being a Syrian minority. The gang members are cursing in Kurdish throughout the video. As a Syrian fighting for the cause I cannot stand the Qaeda infiltration we are seeing in our country but this media stupidity has to stop. Are we really supposed to doom 23 Million civilians as terrorists for 5000 infiltrator from Iraq and Afghanistan? How about we blame the United Effin states for that dark roasted terrorism pockets they brewed there!!

    • Madyan Jabr says:

      The image is actually from Efrin, 2011 — the girl was tied to the pole by PYD members. The regime is now spreading this as propaganda, attributing the actions to Al-Qaeda linked forces.

    • jamal says:

      this photo is for a Kurdish woman who was punished by a man of her relatives becuase she got married to somebody who is not Kurdish ,, this happened many years ago,you can check google image .

    • Sam says:

      This photo is for a Kurdish woman tied by the Assad regime Militia PYD and here is the original video

      Please correct your information.

    • Anwar says:

      Bassel Dayoub is a Syrian regime mouth piece who can only tell lies. This story took place in Aleppo in 2012. The woman is a Kurdish woman who was captured by Kurdish PYG militiamen and put up on that pole. See video here:

      Her captives are speaking Kurdish. Most Syrians know this story. It is a sad and tragic one.

      Mr. Dayoub defends the Assad regime who has killed 120k Syrians in less than three years and used chemical weapons against its own people. Assad’s soldiers committed all kinds of atrocities. Please watch this video where Assad army soldiers bury a peaceful protestor alive. When the officer asks his subordinate what he found with the guy. He says his ID card and this mobile phone which he was using to film! yes filming is a crime to Assad’s regime.

      When Assad forces invaded the city of Harsta in 2012, they vandalized the the only church in the city and left this message on the walls: If you are back, we will be back
      Hafez is God – Bashar is Jesus

      We will burn Syria, all mosques and all churches to keep Assad in power. After the Syrian army was pushed out from the city. The local Free Syrian Army group assigned guards to protect the church. Please see pictures in this article which was written in Arabic by award winning human rights lawyer Razan Zaitouneh who visited the city and produced a report on it.

  2. JAI says:

    What really gets to me is that i can’t do anything to help anyone unless i take arms, and that will only sink me to their level.
    Her death is just one of many that will follow. Those that did this evil deed and their like-minded fools will continue unhindered.
    May God rest her poor soul and those to come.
    One way or another, justice will always be served.

  3. Charlisse says:

    My heart grieves for my Christian sister! May God vindicate your suffering and death.

  4. Syed says:

    I am am Muslim and consider Christians as my brothers and Sisters too

    The people who did this are terrorists and they have no religion and humanity

    Islam teaches peace and human values but if someone don’t want to listen and don’t want to follow and then use the cover of religion for their ill doings are worst creatures and will be punished in hell forever

    Our prayers for this christian sister , May Allah bless us all , esp the oppressed Folks in Syria , Muslims as well as Christians

  5. madeuce42 says:


  6. John Khalil says:

    How Do u know she is a Christian women mr dayoub . We have no trust in this news paper .

  7. mohamad hamze says:

    this proves again who created and still backing up al Qaeda and all these extremists. there are not Muslims and they know nothing about Islam or holy Quraan. Obama fails again, the US Government still showing us how the greed to OIL and GAS is taking them to do whatever then can just to have control on it. President Assad will still be the only “Dictator” who is fighting terrorists and terrorism. days will prove that Syria is a country that can’t be played with…

  8. Brian Murphy says:

    this is a direct result of Obama supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt; Obama hates Christians as he clearly Muslim. the persecution of Christians is getting worse in Egypt and Syria, where again U.S. is supporting the murderers Al Qaeda who behead Christian children. Americans can hang their heads in shame for your country can stop all this if you get rid of Obama the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist who is giving U.S. money to these Muslim terrorists who bombed the twin towers on 9/11 and caused the Boston bombing etc

  9. Mulham Kodaimati says:

    This is a lie , this woman is a syrian kurdish rebel and was killed as you see by the BKK kurdish party fighters , she was accused of being a traitor to her race by being with the revolution , BKK is a syrian regime supporter , pro assad liars are trying to convince the west that the rebels are targeting Christians which is not the case ,

  10. Michael a Shepard says:

    To Love God is to Love all that He Loves. No man has the power to cast judgement on another. All Men are created by Gods Love. When you harm another You are harming Gods child. You don’t have to like someone to Love them. You won’t always like the ones you Love. But if You truly love God then You should respect his children the way you want others to respect yours. God created Man not Satan. If God didn’t want us here We would not be here. He doesn’t need any Man to carry out his will! Satan needs Man to carry out his. Satan tells one side they are better and God Loves them more. He tells the other side and then you have War! Satan is a punk so stop listening to him.

  11. T Heiss says:

    time to do as The Carpenter instructed..sell the robe and buy a sword.

  12. Yukidongo says:

    This is heinous. That poor woman was probably raped and beaten, as that is “acceptable” when conquering infidels. If people don’t see the bigger picture here, it is because our media is bought and paid for by Obama. The “big” picture is Obama’s regime building for the Islamic terrorists. The first thing he did that should have made the press go “Oooh Really?”, was taking the Muslim Brotherhood off of the Terrorist lists. The next thing, the fact that Obama has supported the terrorists throughout the middle east, probably even being the mastermind behind the Arab Spring, combined with the CIA, and the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist factions–Al Queda, and the FSA. Islam is disgusting, and would have us all living like something out of the 14th century, and about as backwards!

  13. Davidson Babu says:

    Very sad!
    Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 5:10)

  14. jo knapp says:

    this is a tragedy.women have always been worthless and we havent really won much its still a mans world

  15. Riham baumgartner says:

    This is not true at all!!!! This woman is from Morroco and her name is Malika Fouad, she was raped and this happened around 2 years ago. The woman is still alive!!!
    The people who said that happened in Syria are lying, and they are liers!!!
    The Christians in Syiar are our people and our brothers and sisters. We have never had a problem among each other, and we always lived together peacefully!! So please do not change facts and add to the problem!!!!

    • Riham Jabri Baumgartner says:

      This is not true at all!! This woman is from Morroco and her name is Malika Fouad, she was raped, and this is happened around two years ago. The woman is still alive!!!!!
      The people who said that this happened in Syria are lying and they are big liers too!!
      The Christians people in Syria are our brothers and sisters. We have never had a problem among each and always lived together peacefully!! So, please do not change facts and add to the problem!!!!

  16. Carl says:

    Nobody is helping anybody…we want to do one concentrated strike of Syrian military bases…to send a message, mass killing of innocent children and women is not accepted by 98% of the world. No to chemical weapons, period.

  17. Sargon says:

    Where is the United Nation and Human Rights.Let them to talk about this lady or may be they are blind.

  18. rania says:

    where are the Human rights people?

  19. Samer Goussous says:

    Bullshit she’s a human being before she is a Christian and there is no reason in the world that humans should be tortured because of something as stupid as religion whatever it might be. it is the source of all EVIL on this planet so please go and worship your god or allah or what ever you call him in your bedrooms and leave him out of the open streets

  20. Marin says:

    so sad to see that a religion that calls them selfes ” the religion of peace” is spreading terror everywere. if you talk to a muslim person of whay they do so the say that they not muslims?! then what are they?? either they are al-quieda or sunni ro shia an they ARE MUSLIMS no matter what name!!! if we are baptist, catholich och orthodox (as i am ) I belive in JESUS, so if you are all that al-quida, sunni or shia YOU ARE MUSLIM!! YOU BELIVE IN MOHAMED!!!!

  21. KJ Geevarghese says:

    The whole Christian world should wakeup and request His.Ex. Obama to stop hammering Christians in Syria and neighboring countries. Always Christians at the end of loss and harassment. Why this Christian leaders against Christians????????

  22. elvis says:

    I dont understand why our leaders are blind to this kind of hell incidents. She will be rewarded in heaven.

  23. Benidorm says:

    Mr. President Obama, shame on you! I never expected this from you!

    You are calling these terrorist murderers rebels now? they are the same scum who blew up your towers and killed thousands of innocent ppl, they are the same scum who cut off peoples throats, they are the same scum who want to bring the middle ages back. And now, just to it fits your dirty politics, they are no longer labled terrorist, islamic extremist, or al qaida, no they are just freedom fighting rebels.

    Shame on all of you.

  24. John Mill says:

    This only on crime of many which are done by the Syrian regime (Bashar AlAssad )

  25. CASTAFIOR says:

    JESUS SAID IN LUKE 6: 22-23
    “Blessed are you when people hate you and when they exclude you and revile you and spurn your name as evil, on account of the Son of Man! 23 Rejoice in that day, and leap for joy, for behold, your reward is great in heaven; for so their fathers did to the prophets.

  26. Bambalahei says:

    Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. Romans 12:19

  27. abed says:

    Im a Muslim and this women is my sister and her suffer is my suffer and the whole Islam nation suffer, and the guys from el qaeda are animals and have nothing to do with Islam (just as hitler have nothing to do with Christianity) All they do is bringing a bad name to Islam while they are supported by hidden hands.

  28. sadfortheworld says:

    What are your sources? Plus, the government is not supplying “al Qaeda” with weapons. There are rebel groups that are not infiltrated. I’m tired of hearing that we are supplying the terrorists with ammunition. So lame. Get your facts straight.

  29. It’s not only because is a Christian. She is more a human then a Christian!

  30. Syed shah says:

    Al Qaida or TALABAN they r not Muslims n they have got nothing to do with Islam they r puppit SAUDIA Arabia r supporting them coz they want their religion which is not Islam n America n Israel r helping them course on them

  31. Alexandra S says:

    God Bless the Muslims who have come out in support of Christians everywhere. At the Greek food festival in Stockton, many came to show their love.

    Thank You

  32. Judith Lewin says:

    Only Jesus can encourage their hearts and because He is real He is there with her. We must be responsible and keep these brothers and sisters in prayer who are suffering and dying because of their faith in the real and living Jesus! Stay strong! The end is not the end and the best future ever is after your/our final breath. This treatment of this poor woman breaks my heart as well!

  33. Clare says:

    Most muslims claim that all this is not in the quran. Yet you only see MUSLIM extremists raping and killing non muslims. The only extremists, everyone is heard of comes from ISLAM. So open your eyes people, including muslim people!!! Never would you find in the news that a christian or jewish person raped or killed someone of a different religion for NO reason, only because they dont believe in their religion. This sickens me! I would be ashamed if I was a muslim. Dont bullsh*t me with “islam is a peaceful religion”. I hate to see some muslim people that I know to be part of it because there are some that are good people but are part of a dirty religion. All I can do is pray for them so they can open their eyes and heart. I rather be an atheist than a muslim. Peaceful is when you respect other religions without having to brainwash people to convert to their religion. If they think they are going to “JANNA”, then you are wrong! There is no heaven for rapist and murderers.

  34. Amy Eckardt says:

    I am a follower of Jesus Christ and the LORD as my Father and Savior. I understand the spiritual world of the gnostic belief and mystics alike. We as human beings are called to die for what we believe in meaning we are to be martyred for a “cause”. This woman knew this would happen to her. I walk among people (my neighbors and people who shop at the grocery store) who make fun of me because I wear a headcovering and I tell them about Jesus (and this is America where I get treated so bad!). In the Holy Bible Stephen was stoned, Paul spent the last half of his life in prison, Jesus died on a cross and there are many more examples there and in the Lost Books of the Bible. Society needs to wake up and realize we are not to love this material world but to embrace the spiritual world. This earth is the proving ground of what you believe.

  35. Syrian says:

    search for this picture in Google

    يا حقير ياباسل ديوب في اختراع اسمو غوغل
    ابحث عن الصورة تجها قديمة وغير معروفة اين ولمن
    احينا يقولو ناشطة كردية والان مسيحية

  36. Oliver Hacker says:

    In Syria we, sadly again, are confronted with the sadly most brutal and cruel form of war, the civil war. Again and again it shows that this form of war brings out the darkest side of humanity, anger, rage, bestiality and all forms of extremism triggered by extreme circumstances and, sadly, always abused by professional exremists ruthlessly taking advantage. Syria is a mainly muslim country, filled with refugee camps from all the hot spots of the area, from Iraq to palestinians, that has turned into hell itself. Countless militias, rebel groups and government forces fighting eachother in a gruesome chaos. This is no civil war like the one in the US, with neat uniforms and orderly companies facing eachother on battlefields. There is no “this side” and “that side” and al queida is just one of dozens of factions. Claiming Obama is supporting them IF he’d decide to take steps against the abuse chemical warfare by the, pretty brutal, regime forces is, well, stupid and a very disgusting sort of political propaganda. From that point of view Putin would be your big hero, supporting a regime ruthlessly butchering it’s citicens, because probably, maybe they could have gassed some terrorists too. There are no clean lines, no clear sides in this mess, that’s why it is such a tricky and difficult situation.

  37. Ahmad says:

    This article is a lie the photo is not in Syria and the woman is not Christian !!!the Man who wrote the Article Basel Dayoub he belongs to a leading alawite family that is one of the very closed circle of Assad Family who are killing women and children in Syria and who claim that they protect the Christians ; i want to tell you that the Assad family does not allow Christians to celebrate on any occasion by preventing their youth from going out with music to celebrate Easter and the Assad Family that ruled for 40 years are not the reason why Christians survived 1400 years living among Muslems.

    • Sumtin Tusae says:

      Oh, really? Then correct me if I am wrong that Alawites are allowed to drink, celebrate their Birthdays, and New Years. Can the same be said for the beliefs of the Al Qaeda (and now Hamas) backed rebels? NOT. Even if Assad is an asshole dictator, his family including his British wife (although stuck up) look like they have at least joined the 20th century. Meanwhile Al-Qaeda taking power after Assad is gone, will mean BURKAS for every woman and implementation of SHARIA LAW. So out of the two evils???? So, if not a Christian woman in this picture, who is she and where was it taken smart ass.

      • Jody says:

        That’s what I wanted to know…if article & photo are a lie? Where’s the proof & backup?!

      • jamal says:

        google the photo and you will find out the truth ,this photo was published many years ago before the Syrian crisis… She is a Kurdish woman who was punished by one of her realtives because she married someone who isn’t kurdish . just open your eyes and minds and check .

      • zeiad says:

        The woman is Kurdish those who tied her were Kurds (pro assad) and she was killed because she was anti Assad activist<<the picture is taken from a video on youtube and by the way she is Muslim not Christian. This picture moved you and you were provocated into thinking that the woman was Christian.

      • Sam says:

        This photo is for a Kurdish woman tied by the Assad regime Militia PYD and here is the original video

        Please correct your information.

      • Adnan says:

        It happened in Syria, Aleppo but the whole story is a lie.
        This photo is for a Kurdish woman tied by the Assad regime Militia PYD and here is the original video.
        she is not a christian for sure.

        Please correct your information.

    • Joe says:

      All my Christian family in Syria sure has always celebrated Christmas/easter/birthdays/weddings just as we would here if not even more up until this ware broke out 2.5 years ago. You are clearly trying to paint a false picture for those who don’t have 1st hand knowledge Ahmad. That is shameful.

    • Michelle Saade says:

      Sorry Ahmad, but what you are saying are pure lies!!!! I have family in Syria and they have always freely celebrated all their religious ceremonies, the churches are all well preserved and highly respected, and the Christians were never bothered in their beliefs or their businesses or anything else …. Today they are targeted by all those extremists … 33 churches no longer exist, they were all burned down, the Christians in Syria are terrorized and are fleeing the country. I am not saying that Assad is a great guy, but at least he never hurt the Christians. Do you think that Al Qaeda will let the Christians celebrate their feasts, didn’t you see what happened to the Christians in Iraq, and now in Egypt?
      Wake up Ahmad, a huge scenario was created by the Western countries to destroy Syria, the only threat left for Israel, and the door to get Iran down

    • samer says:

      Well I’m a Christian Syrian and what you said is simply untrue

    • gil says:

      Ahmad you are obviously not Syrian if this is what you are saying. Ive lived there my whole life as a christian and every statement you said was false! we are allowed to celebrate our religion openly! in the streets and our homes and churches. We ring our bells, sing in the streets and put up decorations. In aleppo every year the government puts up a giant christmas tree in the middle of the city. we light fireworks from the rooftops and even our muslim brothers and sisters there celebrate with us! you are a false person and a disgrace and it is people like you who ruin everything about ur religion. get off your high horse and crawl under a sewer. the picture is of a christian woman being tortured by jihad! syria was the only secular country in the region and is why it is being targetted! syria was a country too good to be true. everyone living in peace? that’s not what the new world order wants and they just use brainwashed people like you to produce hatred for your fellow neighbours.

    • rita says:

      I am a Syrian christian girl, i used to be in scout in Syria-Damascus, every year we celebrate all our religious occasion in public, i used to be in the part of the musical team, we go out to play the music through all Damascus street, (which is never to be happened in any other Arabic country).
      Maybe we did not survive 1400 among Muslim because of Assad Family, but for 40 years we never feared being a Christian in Muslim country like the way we do in this what called (revolution).

      the other point is Dayoub family have both Muslim and christian families. Besides whatever his religion is everything he said was only part of the true.

    • Karlaz says:

      This is not true ahmad! I used to go every Easter to Aleppo and Christians do processions out open in the streets w it’s loud voice; they used to practice all their believes freely.

  38. Charlie says:

    Screw ALL religions. Every last one of them breed contempt, violence and corruption. All under the guise of some God’s will.

  39. Debra says:

    I am so saddened by these events, The women is a Christian sister I will pray for the Christians in Syria, Christ said they would hate him and his followers. Lord Jesus please protect them.’ Come quickly Lord Jesus ‘

  40. Joe says:

    Dear editor, publisher and readers,

    For the sake of true records and without providing any opinion regarding the correctness of the article, I would like to confirm that I am a christian Arabic citizen and I am not a supporter of any party in what is going on in Syria. Nevertheless, I would like to witness that the photo attached in this article contains some writing on the wall, with Arabic letters but not in Arabic language. I doubt that the photo is genuine since it is hard to believe that Aleppo city walls are having such foreign language writing.

  41. Christian Living in a Muslim Country says:

    All the western nations are responsible for this, because of your actions we have to pay where we live and on the other hand whenever we apply for a visa in your country because of utmost discrimination of our Christian religion than you people deny us and eventually give them the visa. Whatever is happening I think you western are paying and will pay for it.

  42. fatih sabir says:

    Europe’s sell chemicals esad killing children just are not Christians too bad the war….!

  43. jone says:

    It is unfortunate that the Western world, including Europe and the United States are calling for human rights to terrorist organizations,
    It’s a shame they are helping to undermine the Syrian civilization and kill Christians.

  44. derek says:

    Let’s not make a mistake, they call themselves real believers, the nazi’s did so aswell. This has nothing to do with religion.Only with young frustrated men who cannot have a normal life because of a complete wrong interpretatation of Islam. The real believers are the Soefie’s who are prosecuted also. The Muslimworld needs a renaissance! lets hope it will happen, otherwise Allah will doom them

  45. Azad Omo says:

    Attention ….
    I just wanna say that the story is never not correct … she is not a Christians lady .. And who tied her are not Islamic ..

    She is Kurdish girl was living i Aleppo city …. and the Kurdish workers party (PKK) are tied her to the column .The accusation was that she is sale drugs to the Kurdish guys in the city …..
    Its happened about 1 year ago ..

  46. Lesley says:

    The picture looks staged to me. Everything about it looks fake. Look at how she has been tied, she could easily get herself free.Not buying it !! Have seen these tricks too many times in MSM it annoys me when alternative media use the same tricks, its not neccesary, there is enough genuine evidence of the atrocities they commit without needing to post fake pics.

  47. Roy says:

    Look So lets do this, Do nothing! for Syrian NO aid!, NO cash!, No medical supply’s!, No food stuff! cut off any and all help and not just for Syrian but for all country’s, unless we have a Treaty with them due to we cant no who will get any thing we send. Then start to help the people of the U.S.A.

    Lets be honest The USA supports a lot of country’s and get’s blamed for there mistakes of the fore-an Governments so no more aid to any one who we don’t have a treaty with, also any and all people who send aid over seas will be told that we need to help the USA first and give the dread’s to countries we have a treaty with that’s it.

    I get so tired of people who use god and country to start a fight that also include all, so let the folks over seas do for there own and we do the same!.

  48. Lisa says:

    I pray that jesus will manifest Himself to these who think they are right . My heart grieves for the ones who suffer at the hands of these ones full of hate . The god they serve has a grave . Our God is risen and is alive ! Their god teaches them that if they give their lives for him it is an honor .Our God gave His life for us ! This is amazing Love that we have from & to our God !

  49. Nisreen says:

    The whole article is a lie, the woman is not a christian, she is Kurdish and it was the Pkk that killed her, the Kurdish Assad’s thugs, search for this title on youtube “حلب الشيخ مقصود الناشطة الكردية التي تم قتلها من قبل شبيحة PYD” and if you have any kurdish friends have them hear it, Kurds are Muslims not christians, shame on Assad supporters fabricating in such disgusting ways .

  50. Mike says:

    What I want to know is why is the photographer taking her picture instead of cutting her down…

  51. Eliza says:

    It just allows to see that Revelations is coming true and the last days have started more than we know about it. It is hard to look at , but there’s a price we all will pray as followers of Christ .

  52. Conservative Mark says:

    Plan B

    When my pension runs out and I am broke, I have a dream to go over there as a Christian soldier with others like myself and we are going to clear the land of this Muslim trash. When we get done, the Middle East will be more “free” and Americanized than America.


    I am Christian, my life will largely be over. I want to pay it forward for both Christ and the next generation who would otherwise have to live under the ass clowns running the show over there now. They have proven themselves worthy of death and burning in hell for all eternity.

    • Love thy neighbor says:

      Wow, Now I know why people think badly of Christians. Seems like you have the same angry spirit as some of them. Muslim trash? God loves everyone and he and his followers would never call anyone trash! Please do not call yourself a Christian because you make me and my Lord look bad. Peace

    • Ahmed says:

      Infidels like you once had that dream before. They went on Crusades in an attempt to rid us from our land during the Middle Ages. Fortunately for us, we squashed their dream and sent them back to where they come from. So don’t even think about turning your dream into reality because if that happens again, we will kick your asses just like we did to your forefathers.

    • Adnan says:

      The whole article is a lie, the woman is not a christian, she is Kurdish and it was the Pkk that killed her, the Kurdish Assad’s thugs, search for this title on youtube “حلب الشيخ مقصود الناشطة الكردية التي تم قتلها من قبل شبيحة PYD” and if you have any kurdish friends have them hear it, Kurds are Muslims not christians, shame on Assad supporters fabricating in such disgusting ways .
      Please use ur mind before getting excited.

  53. Stu says:

    Jesus said some things that apply here. He said:
    “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. (Matthew 7:15-16a)
    The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (John 10:10)
    Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (John 14:6)

  54. dutchuncle says:

    So why isn’t our Dear Leader concerned about this as he is about Muslims.

    • Viva la Syria says:

      first of all he is not Muslim.. Second thing is that this is a big lie, this girl is Kurdish and she got killed by her brother because she was supporting the Syrian Revolution. Muslims will never do that to any girl or lady because it is against our religion. here is the video and you can see for yourself

  55. Keep Honkin I'm Reloding says:

    Well past time for one final Crusade.

    • Ahmed says:

      The final Crusade that you speak of will bring an end to Christianity and believe me, you do not want that on your conscience.

  56. The Wiz says:

    Seems they hate Christians the SAME WAY Christians hate gays. Oh what a perdickament. Justify your hatred of a select group of people and realize there is someone pointing to you as the ones they hate. Oh what can God do now?

  57. Rachel says:

    All I know is that ever since I was a kid, every time the news was turned on, there was some type of violence going on in the middle east. Someone yelling, shooting, fighting, etc in the streets. What is the deal with that??? It gets old. I fear we may see what’s in this picture, here in the U.S. someday….

  58. Luke Williams says:

    Matthew chapter 5:
     11  Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. note

     12  Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you

    The news is terrible and troubling. Thankfully the all powerfull and righteous creater has made known to us the future in advance. What great comfort we can take from the word of God. Im not saying its easy but, to the over comer, the Lord prepares a place. To die for the name of Jesus christ, Lord and Saviour, is the greatest honour and a fast track ticket to the coming kingdom. Your strength is in the Lord, be ever increasing in faith. Jesus is on his way soon! Hallelujah!

  59. jp says:

    Repeal the Edict of Omar, for starters.

  60. i have read all stories on this page tonight must admit i am lost on claims and counter claims BUT one thing stood out. stop all aid to countries that do not accept a treaty and will someone prove that obama supports amuslim leaning

  61. Roger Warde says:

    I can’t believe we are still fighting Al-Qaeda, thought the 43rd accomplished his mission. All that money and all those American lives and we still have these problems, Halliburton and the other Robber Barons are laughing all the way to the bank.

  62. 2mamasboys says:

    I am so sick of hearing people defend a religion that produces so many evil extemists!!! I have seen so much atrocities against Christian people by these animals “Christian genocide” Bombing churches, beheading priests, raping and beating young women in the streets screaming “get the Christians” You cannot say this is not happening……just disgusting!!!

  63. We once thought the Europe and the Americas are Christian countries and since they are influential would show some concern for the suffering Christians. But reality tells us that these countries have only business interest and now many of them have Islamic influence more on them than Christian values. By repeatedly declaring secular these nations have shown their back to Christian values and faith. Now the most powerful nations in the world wait for money to flow from Arab countries and Muslim (in heart) is elected to boost this flow. Then what hope can be there from these nations? But prayer of God’s saints will be heard by God.

  64. لاشسا says:

    This is a very old of about two years, where the supporters of the Syrian regime associate activist Kurdish column downtown street Sheikh Maksoud in Aleppo defamed them after they put a sign on her chest that read “Who does not يبزق Ali does not honor his” opposition to the Syrian regime to defame them.That came after the activist demanded freedom for Syria and opposed the Syrian regime and no YouTube on the network confirms this.

  65. Thank You U.S Citizens says:


  66. wael says:

    i am from syria .my frinds that picture is not troth it like cinma or trajedyan vew making.if we wont to know the rely issues we must be more care becuse there is a midia wor … i am sure

  67. Romzub says:

    AND USA wants to sponsor and produce weapons this insurgents

  68. Madeline Dere says:

    who claimed we where able to live with Muslims for 1400 years. My arameic kind is living across the globe without any identity because of hatred Muslims (i’m not saying every Muslim is bad) We never caused a war in the name of our Lord compared to Catholics or other Christians, we let muslims live side by side with us and the funny thing about it is that they didn’t want to share, they raped and killed a whole nation of people and never have to answer this, yet every time it is mentioned for a little bit in politics: There they are; the army of extreme Muslims telling the world to shut up … Why was Hitler or even the persons behind the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia put in jail by our Western world because they committed genocide yet every time a Muslim does something wrong it will not be punished before any international court … Have your facts intact before you ever claim you let a minority live in peace and with the same respect as a fellow muslim! This is the biggest bullshit I ever read!

  69. Gary S says:

    Is it possible that ALL of you are only seeing things in a manichean manner, where someone or a group is ALL good or ALL evil? The Syrian population is so diverse, with secularists, religious fanatics, and everyone in between. I think what started as a mismatched fight by an aggrieved populace was co-opted by domestic and foreign religious fanatics, and what then should the opposition do? Start a war with people that are ‘helping’ them? I’m sure many hate the fanatics and would prefer a secular Syria, but they made a devil’s bargain.

  70. shadow says:

    So what now? The chemical weapons did not work to bring the US in to Syria, maybe its time for religious out burst and blame game till world war becomes inevitable!! And the RESULT is EVIL V GOOD 3-0.
    Well when people change first, evil will be stopped, and the biggest EVIL is the secret service business in all countries!! Of course don’t forget to flush banks down the drain! But that wont happen at all in our days! Because its enough to read a few comments to see how much political analyses readers do lack! So surely the majority will lack the logic to act upon it!! Its sad to see the world destroyed before our eyes BY OUR OWN ACT! But something good is coming, and I hope I could live to see that!!

  71. This photo is not as valid as before you, you published in your newspaper
    It’s a picture of a lady of Afrin, north of Aleppo, where the PKK groups by linking them and hit
    I hope right and precision

  72. Syrian says:

    Before you americans christians strt writing your ignorant comments, ask the Syrians. From a first glance at the writer’s name, he is an Alawit belong to the same sect of Bashar Assad. Assad regime has been selling this idea to the western community that he is protecting the minorities right. Well he killed over 150,000 and he is a criminal. Please stop being naive.

  73. Abdul says:

    This picture is an old one “7-8 months ago” and she is NOT Christian. She is a Kurdish woman, and was captured and tied by a Kurdish militia back then, because of her betrayal to them according to some people in Aleppo.
    Make sure that you got the facts!!!!

  74. Madyan Jabr says:
    check out the original video. feel free to use the Google translate to read the truth.

  75. steve says:

    you are all wrong about this . I agree with you that this thing happened in Aleppo but in 2011 by pyd armed Kurd fighters not the opposition nor the regime did this (Which is headed by Saleh Muslim) one of the columns in the neighborhood of Sheikh Maksoud in Aleppo in 2011 .. The regime now promoting the image on it for a Christian girl has been linked to at the hands of the elements al Qaeda .. Note that YouTube includes a video clip of this process where pyd supporters speak the Kurdish language and direct words bad speech to the girl and you can find the video on youtue

  76. Abs says:

    This is not true, this photo is from 2011 and taken from kurdish city of Efrin in Aleppo Rural, the women is tied to wall by Kurdish PYD terrorist org

  77. zeiad says:

    I hate violence especially when civilians are targeted no matter of what race or religion they could be,,But regarding this picture, sorry to say that it is not related at all to what the writer said!! This picture is taken from a video on youtube, the woman is kurdish and the people her were kurds too from the PYD party(kurdish democratic united party!!

  78. Mohannad says:

    This picture of a girl from north of syria, she tied by supporters of the Democratic Union Party pyd (which is headed by Saleh Muslim) to the columns in the neighborhood of Sheikh Maksoud in Aleppo in 2011 ..The ASSAD system now promoting the image on it for a Christian girl .. Note that YouTube includes a video clip of this process where pyd supporters speak the Kurdish language and direct worst words the girl ..

  79. tayssir says:

    Invalid never
    This picture of a girl of Afrin linked to supporters of the Democratic Union Party pyd (which is headed by Saleh Muslim) one of the columns in the neighborhood of Sheikh Maksoud in Aleppo in 2011 .. The system now promoting the image on it for a Christian girl has been linked to at the hands of the elements (base) .. Note that YouTube includes a video clip of this process where pyd supporters speak the Kurdish language and direct talk bad girl ..

  80. khaled says:

    she is not christian girl , she is kurdish girl in Aleppo(shekh meqsud ) and it is very old pic mor then 18 munthe ..and the christian very good living now in Syria …

  81. john moush says:

    This picture of a girl of Afrin linked to supporters of the Democratic Union Party pyd (which is headed by Saleh Muslim) one of the columns in the neighborhood of Sheikh Maksoud in Aleppo in 2011 ..The system now promoting the image on it for a Christian girl has been linked to at the hands of the elements (base) .. Note that YouTube includes a video clip of this process where pyd supporters speak the Kurdish language and direct words بذيئا the girl ..

  82. Mohamad says:

    1- she is Not Christians – she Is Kordy

    2- its Happen in past b4 the Revolution

    3- This Crime Made By : Democratic Union Kordy Party

    So Please Don’t Put Fake Story Without Prove

    you Can Search on Google About This Story
    its Happen In Aleppo – Afrin City >

  83. RobbunKhalil says:

    This image of a kurdish girl from Afrin linked by PYD (headed by Salih Muslim) to a column in a destination neighborhood in Aleppo in 2011

  84. RobbunKhalil says:

    Nothing to do with Christ or Christians
    as she is a Muslim girl

  85. amer says:

    I’m from Syria
    Tthis girl is not a “Christian” and not Arab and who you see in the video are not from the Qaeda ..
    This crime occurred in Aleppo in 2011 at the hands of forces (pyd) Kurdish loyal to the regime of Bashar al-Assad and the girl was from the city of Aleppo, in that time under the control of Bashar al-Assad ….
    Note: they speak the Kurdish language, not Arabic and describe treason for party (pyd)
    Look at the date of publication of video

  86. karim says:

    This is a Kurdish girl and those who did this work are the party of Kurdistan. it has nothing to do with the Christian religion
    And it has video and audio video proves what I’m saying

  87. Adnan says:

    This is not a Christian women, she is a kurdish women killed by a kurdish milita called YPG. All Syrians know the real story and please be careful when you take your news from untrusted people like Mr. Dayoub

  88. khaled says:

    this is not christian woman , this is kurdish woman in aleppo , it was in jun 2012 , and this is real video

  89. amer says:

    This picture of a girl of Afrin linked to supporters of the Democratic Union Party pyd (which is headed by Saleh Muslim) one of the columns in the neighborhood of Sheikh Maksoud in Aleppo in 2011 .. The system now promoting the image on it for a Christian girl has been linked to at the hands of the elements (base) ..Note that YouTube includes a video clip of this process where pyd supporters speak the Kurdish language and direct words not fit for a girl ..

  90. rabaah othman says:

    There are no lighting in Aleppo …. Al Qaeda has no elements in Aleppo … But in other places
    I am from Syria

    There is no light in the areas controlled by al-Qaeda … ‘s Wrong and incorrect
    لا يوجد ضوء في المناطق التي تسيطر عليها القاعدة … الصورة خاطئة وغير صحيحة

  91. Lina says:

    Dear publisher and editor I recommend you chick your resources before you publish any article or photo …. You represent what if are cuting and pasting your issues

  92. Qais Haddad says:

    For God Sake!

    Any one has googled this picture and looked what the results are? Well if you smarten up and do that, you would notice that this photo belongs to an incedent happened in Aleppo 2012, when a kurdish female was detained by a kurdish group called PYD.

    We christian syrians know who’s the only responsible for all the mess happened in the country .. It’s an idiot criminal called Assad, who wasn’t even elected from us but still prefered to kill the syrian people rather than stepping away ..

    Assad is the only criminal terrorist in Syria!

  93. Jon Saleem says:

    Unfortunately, world today are ready to believe anything
    This photo and video was published for a Kurdish girl opposes by Kurdish militia
    This happened in Aleppo
    But in Syria, everyone knows that the Assad regime is responsible for all of the killing and
    Unfortunately, Assad regime still receives support from the same countries , saying that they are protecting Christians

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