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War in Syria Spreads to Beirut as Rocket Slams into Hezbollah Stronghold

The Syrian conflict has suddenly taken a new and potentially deadly turn as a rocket attack against Hezbollah expanded the war deep into Lebanon. The attack, which injured four people, occurred on Sunday when two rockets came crashing into a

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Lebanon, Syria Blame Israel for Attacks on Chemical Weapons Plant, Israel: No Comment

Lebanese and Syrian media are reporting that large explosions near Damascus are the result of Israeli bombing raids at 2 am this morning. An Israeli spokesman refused to comment on the reports, but the Israeli government has made it clear

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Israel Air Force Intercepts Hezbollah UAV in Israeli Airspace

UAV shot down

  The unmanned aerial vehicle was succesfully brought down by an Israel Air Force fighter jet off the coast of the northern Israeli city of Haifa An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attempted to violate Israeli airspace from the north at approximately

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How Hezbollah Trained an Operative to Spy on Israeli Tourists

A rare inside look at Hezbollah during a recent terror trial in Cyprus portrayed a militant group with the prowess of an intelligence service: meticulous overseas reconnaissance, Western operatives with elaborate covers, training at secret bases where recruits and instructors

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EU Still Won’t Call Hezbollah a Terrorist Group Despite Evidence in Bulgarian Report

Counter-terrorism expert says the Bulgarian report on a recent bus bomb won’t lead European leaders to brand Hezbollah as terrorists, in spite of the evidence convicting the Lebanese group of involvement in the attack that took place on European soil.In

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Rubin: Why Israel Hit a Syria-Hizballah Convoy

It has been reported that a number of Israeli planes flew over Lebanon and attacked a convoy near the Syrian-Lebanese border.  Syria has also claimed that a “research center” was bombed on its territory.The fact that this comes shortly after

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Israeli Attack on Syrian Weapons Convoy Sends Strong Message to Syria and Lebanon

The story is all over the news. On Wednesday morning, the Israeli Air Force attacked two targets in Syria, but the stories in the press are still contradictory. So we will try to clarify the situation a bit. The bare

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Hezbollah’s Partnership with Mexican Drug Cartels

Hezbollah, whose radical Islamist agenda would seem to argue against alliances with the largely Catholic population of South America, have nonetheless made some handy alliances with the drug cartels and gangs of South and Central America. Although their activities began

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Syrian War Spills Over on the Lebanese Border

Lebanese troops fought with Syrian rebels on the border between the two countries on Sunday, in what a security source said was the first such clash between Lebanon’s army and the rebels[also know to our readers as the “opposition”, which

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al-Akhbar: How Hamas Gets its Weapons

The following article begins with a false statement about how the war started. Not surprising, since it was published in the Beirut-based Arab al-Akhbar, but we publish it because it provides valuable information about how Hamas is continuing to receive

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