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Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Reign of Terror: Mass Graves Found Near Alexandria and Port Said

America’s support for Mohammed Morsi during his brief tenure as President of Egypt was worse than just foolish. It was support for an evil, violent, and corrupt regime that make the excesses of Hosni Mubarak seem almost trivial. Latest information

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Sinai Peninsula Has Become the Latest Terrorist Playground; Egypt Declares It a Closed Military Zone

Since the overthrow of Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi by the Egyptian army, more than a thousand people have died in the worst political violence the country has seen in modern history. While much of Cairo was in chaos yesterday, on

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EGYPT EXPLODING! How the Failure of the ‘Arab Spring” May Set the Entire Region On Fire

Wednesday, August 14, 2013  -   Egypt is fast devolving into chaos. The street fighting has left hundreds dead and wounded. Christian churches have been set ablaze and Christians fear for their lives. The Egyptian military has already begun to take

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Increasingly Savage Violence in Egypt, MB Calls for ‘Intafada’ Against the Government

As the situation continues to deteriorate in Syria, with nearly 100,000 dead, a second civil war is rapidly developing in the Middle East, another casualty of the so-called “Arab Spring”. The growing chaos in Egypt’s cities is rapidly leading Egypt’s

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Violence Explodes in Egypt; Brotherhood Supporters Vow to Reseat Morsi or Die

The violence in Egypt did not take long to develop. As we predicted yesterday, clashes between pro-Morsi and andti-Morsi groups exploded in cities throughout the country as angry Muslims left Friday prayers and took to the streets. The military responded

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News from Egypt: Incoming Posts from Various Sources; Crowds Chant “No More Beards”

Egypt’s Brotherhood Refuses Army Move, Calls It a ‘Coup d’etat’  (from Ahram Online, Thursday 4 Jul 2013) Muslim Brotherhood has rejected Mohamed Morsi’s removal, refuses to work with ‘usurped authority’, and calls on supporters to remain peaceful.  Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

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Analysis: As the Current Trend of Violence Escalates, Is Egypt Headed for Civil War?

October 6 Bridge Clash

In the early days of the so-called “Arab Spring” in Egypt, it was already clear that the seeds of democracy which spawned it would soon be eclipsed by an Islamist power-grab by the Muslim Brotherhood. We wrote about it in

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BREAKING NEWS: Egypt’s President Morsi Overthrown in Military Coup

BREAKING NEWS:  3:00 EDT   Egypt’s military is now announcing that they have told Morsi he is no longer president. One year after the inauguration of Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi, millions of Egyptians marched through the streets of cities across the

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Egyptian Court Detains Four Christians for Muslim Attack on Their Holiest Cathedral


In the wake of the attack on Coptic Christians attending a funeral at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo, an Egyptian Oppositions Court judge decided that four Christians should remain in detention for 15 days pending an investigation into who participated

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Egyptians Take to the Streets (Again) to Protest Developing Ties with Iran

Lest we forget where the rolling Arab revolutions began, since January 25, 2011 Egypt has devolved into a country ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood but at war with itself. Chaos continues in the streets, women risk assault whenever they leave

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