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Five Months After Benghazi Murders: Killers Frolic Untouched There

For many months, GerardDirect has been asking: where is the US response to the al-Qaeda linked murders of four Americans in Benghazi five months ago in an attack against sovereign US territory in Libya. The answer has always been the

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Book Review: Benghazi: The Definitive Report

When the first reports of the new book “Benghazi:  The Definitive Report” first came out last week, we did not review it because we had not yet had our own opportunity to read it, and our first purchase from Amazon

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Is Hillary Clinton Running Out the Clock on Benghazi?

Hillary Clinton

There’s no mystery about why Hillary Clinton spends so much time on airplanes to dreary places that everybody else avoids like the plague (or the stomach flu). The climate anywhere is better than in the comfortable ineptitude of Foggy Bottom.

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Benghazi: The Questions and the Answers Don’t Add Up

More information and commentary on the story that refuses to die. Nor should it. Benghazi-gate is the story of a huge cover-up that involved many of the senior members of the President’s leadership team and was responsible for the death

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Benghazi: Gun-running, Murder, Terrorists, Cover-Ups

Gun-running, murder, smuggling, conspiracies, and coverups. The Benghazi story is one that will not go away. Nor should it. The mishandling and incompetence, or worse, the purposeful involvement of the US government in Libya with known terrorist organizations, has been

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Was Benghazi a Kidnapping Plot That Went Wrong?

The details of the September 11 attack on the Consulate in Benghazi continue to come in, raising even more difficult questions than we had before. Here are the facts as we now know them: At 9:40 pm on the night

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The World is in Crisis, but the President is AWOL

Two major crises building rapidly around the world have set the stage for an unprecedented economic, social, and religious conflagration. Yet, inexplicably, President Barack Obama seems to be missing in action. While busying himself with his re-election campaign, and appearing

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White House Rewrites Benghazi Story; Cong. King Demands Rice’s Resignation

As the Muslim countries of North Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia continue to erupt in violent anti-US demonstrations, the Obama administration has finally begun to re-state its position on the events of September 11, 2012 in Egypt and

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White House Continues to Deny Facts Behind Benghazi Attack

An exclusive GerardDirect analysis of how the news of the horrific events in Benghazi have been misrepresented by the administration, to the extent that they hold direct responsibility for the continuing riots that are now spreading throughout the Muslim world.

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“Obama, Obama, We Are All Osama”

____________________________________________________________________________________ The demonstrations that began in Egypt on 9/11 have now spread to a dozen other Arab countries, including Qatar, Tunisia, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, Israel, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria, Kuwait, Iran, and Indonesia. In Sudan and Tunisia,

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